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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink Wood Toy Kitchen Makeover

I bought this little wood kitchen at a yard sale when I was expecting Gigi . It had a really cute one before with sunflowers painted on it that belonged to Lily but we left it out in her clubhouse. It was made of particle board and sadly, it got warped. I could tell this solid wood toy stove was handmade so I bought it.
How I Did It
I sanded the piece lightly and removed the knobs and handles.
Then I spray painted the kitchen with pink satin spray paint with three coats.
I spray painted the burners and knobs with black spray paint.
Total Time
2 hours

When I was homeschooling I was using the Waldorf method. Although I couldn't follow all of their rules ( like no TV and not learning reading till second grade) I do love the toys that the schools recommend, like :
cute little handmade dolls, gnomes, little fairies, and wooden toys.
Waldorf dress up dolls from Bella Luna Toys.
A wooden doll house also from Belle Luna Toys.

 The Waldorf method recommends giving children toys in their natural wooden state because the children can use their imaginations more. 
So I left this wooden kitchen in its natural state but Gigi never did seem to notice it. I decided to paint it and now she loves it!
Seriously, which would you prefer?
I'll choose pink any day.
Now it's a fifties retro kitchen!
 I think I will make Gigi a little housedress to wear when she plays with it.
I bought this adorable little girls housedress pattern from the forties recently. I tracked down a pattern in my size and also one in Lily's Size. I don't think my 16 year old would be caught dead in it. But wouldn't this style be adorable on little girls?

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  1. Lovely little wooden stove, and pink, how nice! I bet that it will bring hours of pleasure.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love how your redid the little stove, so cute! And, that dress pattern is so sweet, I remember the mother daughter look when growing up. My mom made matching dresses for me and my sister.

  3. I love the miniature cabinet and stove. The structure is well done for safety.

  4. You got the right decision to revise it instead of buying another one. You did great in making it a very compelling toy. I'm pretty sure that you used a concrete screw or nails to fix or add some wood/planks.

  5. The miniature cabinet was lovely and it became lovelier when you fixed it. I like the color as well. Children are sometime naughty and they tend to remover the knobs. Maybe you can use high quality adhesives to secure it properly or you can drill a small hole and use screws. By the way, I like the outcome of your project.


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