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Monday, August 22, 2011

Vintage Laundry Hampers:Beauty For The Boring

I will never like doing laundry but at least putting the dirty clothes in a pretty hamper is a nice way to hide all the dirty clothes. I love these old hampers and they really look cute in the bathroom. They also have nifty little holes in them for circulation. And you can stuff lots of clothes into them! I found all three of these hampers at the thrift shop over the course of a couple years for under 20 dollars each. But if you don't mind paying more they can be found easily at flea markets.


  1. I love vintage hampers! Yours are adorable.

    I'm lucky because my grandfather made the hamper to coordinate with their (now ours) bedroom set.

    I don't love laundry, either, but at least I feel a bit connected to my grandparents when I start sorting our laundry.

  2. My parents had one just like the one in your 1st photo. It was a favorite hiding spot during hide and seek games.

  3. I almost brought one of these over the weekend in blue! I love them. This will be the last hampers you will ever need to buy. They will hold up for years to come.

  4. They are seriously nice. Never seen these in Australia- we must of only had cane ones.

  5. These are great. I remember I used an giant old mailbox that has hand painted geometric shapes on it for my clothes hamper. I'm really enjoying your website today. I just took my first sewing class last friday and I can't wait to try new projects.


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