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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Weeks' Dress: 1940's Scalloped Bodice Housedress

The drawing of the dress from the inside of the pattern envelope. Unfortunately, I can't find a date anywhere but I'm guessing mid forties? 

This is the envelope the pattern came in, originally addressed to Jenny Stiles of Coatesville, Missouri. There is no date stamped on it. It was ordered from a newspaper called The Kansas City Star. Mail order patterns were common until the seventies.

The cotton fabric I will be using. It looks like it's from the fifties to me.
This week I'm working on this scalloped bodice housedress pattern from the 1940's. Keep posted for a step-by-step on working with unprinted vintage patterns. The fabric was a tablecloth I bought at the thrift shop yesterday. I was waiting to make this dress because none of my fabrics spoke to me but now I'm ready to go!



  1. ooohhh! Such cute fabric! This is going to look fabulous!!

  2. This is a perfect dress! love the fabric too, hope it turns out wonderful!

  3. I have a scalloped bodice dress on my list too - I just need time! I wish I were still on university holidays.... can't wait to see your progress.

  4. Whaddha gem! My mom always had 6 of these in her closet. The fabric is darling, but much later. Hint: Hemlines are always a give away when dating style. This one's short, wartime - '42-'44. By the hairstyle also. It's gonna look sensational

  5. This will be a gorgeous dress-have fun sewing it.


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