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Friday, August 26, 2011

1964 Barbie Sewing Pattern! The Cluny Gown

Here is Miss Barbie in her silk taffeta evening gown made by my little Miss Lily with a some help from me. The fisheye darts and tiny pleats were a challenge for her but a big learning experience ! If you are trying to teach your kids to sew this is a great type of project.
The pattern came from this little nifty book we bought at the flea market. Lily collects vintage toys and especially anything Barbie if she finds a good deal! This little book came inside the box for her Sew Handy 1961 child's sewing machine.

We traced off the pattern so we didn't have to cut up the booklet. This pattern tracing material is really a lifesaver. It's available at Nancy's Notions.
Slow down there Barbie! 
Barbie's not about to let Ken behind the wheel of her treasured Corvette. She may look old-fashioned but she's very modern.
This is actually Lily's vintage Barbie corvette which she bought at the Ventura Flea Market. She bargained them down to four dollars. Flea marketing is also a great way to teach your kids how to negotiate, a skill that will be valuable in their futures. It's also a history lesson as the vendors love to tell her all about the toys and where they came from. 
A good cleaning and it was good as new!


  1. Wow! What a great dress. Your daughter did a super job. It's so nice that she wants to sew too.
    And the deals- amazing. My 21 year old daughter is a vintage Barbie collector too. She never finds such great deals.

  2. I am currently in the world of sewing my top project for my store, vintage doll clothes. Maybe your little one would love one gratis from me? Bran

  3. AWESOME! I love that she sews AND goes shopping at flea markets!! We'd get on great! :)

  4. How fabulous...the dress, the Barbie, the car, and especially your little Miss Lily!

  5. Wow, your daughter sews, bargains at flea markets and collects vintage toys! What a cool little girl she is with a cool mum to boot!

  6. Love the Barbie dress & photos - guess I just never grew up ... thank goodness. Love your blog & your Sew Retro posts.


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