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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Superbuzzy Ventura For Japanese Fabric And Crafts!

Have you ever visited the Superbuzzy online fabric store?

It has THE best selection of Japanese fabrics and notions and patterns on the internet.
Well, I was thrilled when I found out there was an actual brick and mortar store only 20 minutes away from me in Ventura Califonia!

Japanese pattern books
Japanese craft kits
Japanese fabric
Japanese notions
Cute gifts.

This store is a crafter's and sewists paradise!

Ever since my expedition to Tomato fabrics in Tokyo last March which you can read about here, I have been in love with Japanese fabrics, sewing patterns, and craft supplies.
You should see the adorable buttons and ribbons the Japanese companies make.

Superbuzzy sells all of it.

This store is oozing with cuteness.

It has the biggest selection of cute Japanese fabrics anywhere on the west coast!
I've shopped all over Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco so I know what I'm saying here. 
This little store in the unassuming beach town of Ventura has them all beat.
A craft kit.

No , I'm not being sponsored by Superbuzzy, although after this post I may have to approach them!
It's just a really cool store and if you live anywhere nearby you have got to come and visit!

They even have my favorite lollipops.

Doesn't all this cute Japanese fabric make you want to make something kawaii?
I love Zakka!

Ther are many sewing notions from Japan and a huge wall of sewing pattern books which I photographed but the picture was too blurry to post.

The day we stopped by they were having a free craft party. my girls were delighted and we had a lot of fun in the back classroom.

These were the make and takes I made, a little pincushion and a needle case.

   Here are the deets if you want to stop by : 
1794 East Main Street
Ventura CA

Tell them you read about it at Sew Country Chick!


  1. Justine, I have such a major case of 'Superbuzzy' envy going on here - I would live there!!! Japanese pattern books are so well presented and I love how the diagrams are so clear, which makes the instructions incredibly easy to visualise.
    I have bought from Superbuzzy a few times, but find that the shipping to Ireland is just too expensive. It's wonderful to see the inside of the shop - thanks for posting the pictures.

  2. Wow! What an exciting trip! I will definatly have to plan a trip there in the future. Its nice to see craft stores like this, it makes shopping an adventure.Thanks for posting these awesome pictures of the store.

  3. I wanna be there - looks like you had a fun time.

  4. Ahhhh!! That looks amazing!! I'll have to check that out next time I'm in the neighborhood. :)

  5. I work almost exclusively with recycled fabrics, but when I do buy new, it is almost always a cute Japanese print. Definitely found some stuff on their website to get, and, since I have family in SoCal, an actual trip is a possibility! Thanks for posting about this place!

  6. I have been dying for another fabric store nearby aside from Joanns (the closest one to me) and Fabric Town (though WalMart has started selling fabric again, I hate venturing into the local store because, well, of where it is). I am so happy to find out about Superbuzzy and I've heard great things about Japanese fabrics and notions, from you and other sewists that I want go there right now! Who needs to eat lunch on their lunch hour when there is a Superbuzzy to check out? And free craft classes? My kids will love that! Thanks so much for bringing this gem to light! I can't wait to visit!

  7. Next time I'm down south I'm heading to this shop. Thanks so much for the heads-up!

  8. OMG!!! My Dad lives in Ventura , I am there all the time and had NO IDEA. Thank you, I will check it out very soon and tell them you sent me :D


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