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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Slashed Bias Strip Fabric Tutorial

There was a gorgeous dress on Project Runway recently made from what looked like little shreds of fabric. I was trying to figure out how to do this fabric treatment and this is what I came up with:
This may look like I spent hours sewing little strips of fabric on this dress but this was actually a very simple technique I want to share with you! 
All it is is two layers of fabric sewn together with rows of lines and then the top layer is slashed after the garment is sewn together.
The lines are sewn on the bias and the fabric is trimmed along the lines. That way when you wash it , it doesn't fray because it's on the bias and as you probably know, fabric on the bias doesn't shred!

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  1. Christopher's signature technique, I'm pretty sure this is how he does it, it's gorgeous !
    Wish I would have thought of doing it this way, wouldn't saved me time...

  2. This is excellent! I love this technique! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh! This is one of those "How didn't I think of this" moments! :O
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Oh this is so smart. I love this technique!

  5. I thought about trying Christopher's technique for this challenge, too, but for some reason I imagined cutting it with a razor blade and I couldn't picture it going well. Your way seems a lot safer and easier. Can't wait to experiment!

  6. Thank-you so much for sharing this technique so well and so clearly. It is gorgeous and has my mind racing with ideas.I love it!!

  7. I'm sorry you were voted out :(... I love this technique! I don't know how, but I AM going to use it someday.


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