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Friday, September 7, 2012

Sew & Tell Saturday 9/8/2012

Welcome to Sew & Tell!

Where you can share your sewing and self made creative projects.
We had some beautiful sewn garments posted last week I am going to share a few with you.


Sew Mental Mama shared an adorable school uniform she made for her daughter to wear to school. This a great way to save money considering how expensive some uniforms can be. 

Marie from A Sewing Odyssey combined two popular patterns, the Hazel and the Lonsdale above and the results look fabulous on her!

Rita at See Love Make created this red dress with a beautiful neckline.

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  1. Justine, I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!
    Rita's dress is so pretty.
    <3 Christina

  2. Justine, I'm so pleased you featured the uniform I sewed for my daughter - thank you, it's an honour.

  3. Gosh, thanks so much for featuring my Hazedale! I'm so sorry for not noticing earlier...I was on holiday last week!


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