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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedding Dress link up Party!

Hi everyone and welcome to the wedding dress link up party! For the last couple of months I was making a wedding gown and thought it would be a fun way to wrap up the whole project with a photo party of readers' dresses through the decades. Let's start  from the newest to the oldest photos..

From Christine who was just married last month 
" I used Vogue 2717 as a starting-off point for my pattern.  Yes, we were just married last month, March 12, 2011."
Congratulations Christine! Your dress turned out lovely and so are you! Christine's blog was invaluable when I was making my dress as she really had some great photos and descriptions of her dress. Find her at

Christine's dress had fully functioning buttons and loops with no zipper. Let's hope she didn't have any popped buttons!She also added some pretty little petals near the hem of her dress. 

From Ashley at

I love the lace train Ashley and these photos are gorgeous. Ashley got this dress at David's Bridal but it looks like a million dollars on her!

From Abigail who blogs at

"This is a fun idea! I was married 3 1/2 years ago, and we had our reception at a great 20s dance hall on the Florida gulf coast. My dress was handmade for me, and I felt so wonderful in it! The inspiration photos I showed the sewist were of 50s party dresses. Sadly, because we had a photographer friend take photos (he is not a wedding photographer) and though he did take tons of great photos, there aren't many straight on of my dress without flowers or something in the way. Attached is one of my father walking me down the aisle. Because the whole experience of having the dress sewed for me was amazing, and because it led to my love of (obsession with?) sewing, I will probably do a full post on this one of these days, including Bob's original sketches."
I love the organza  Abigail.You were adorable !


These two above photos were from my best friends wedding in the late 90's This was a gorgeous silk gown and it was so lovely on her. The setting was the historical Adamson house on the beach in Malibu.There I am on your right.

Here is my own wedding 17 years ago. I had an empire waist but never really got any nice shots of my dress. I got married at a vegetarian restaurant called "the Inn Of The Seventh Ray" in LA's Topanga Canyon.

These puffy sleeves were really in in the early nineties when I got married.

From reader Beth

"My wedding was on December 16, 1989.  The dress was sewn from a Butterick pattern, unfortunately not by me as I was busy with stupid law school finals until 4 days before the wedding. Anyway, I'm still married to the same guy and we have two kids."
Beth, you don't look old enough to be married here!

These are Christine's parents. This is so sweet and so seventies! My own parents got married at City Hall and my mom was wearing a minidress and they didn't take any photos. How dare they!

This is a photo of my husband's parents who were married in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1950. I'm really starting to like tea length dresses again.

These are Christines maternal grandparents above. It looks like her Grandfather may have been a World War Two soldier here. 
Christine's paternal Grandparents. Thanks for all these photos Christine. They are really great!

And last but not least this is my Italian Grandmother,from New York City on her wedding Day in the 1930's.


  1. So cool to see all the dresses throughout the decades! Interesting that you mentioned Lynchburg, VA, I'm not very far from there. :]

  2. These Brides are so beautiful. I love a good wedding!

  3. This was such a wonderful idea for a post! I love everything about weddings and really enjoy beautiful wedding dresses. :)

    Also, thank you so much for posting my wedding photos! I'm sure I'll never get tired of looking at them.

  4. Very cool post, Justine. Thanks for including my dress, and it is so neat to see all of the other styles of various times. My mother has a picture of my Italian Great Grandmother in her wedding dress around 1920. She does not look as happy as your grandmother- as she was sent to the U.S. to marry a man she had never met! It is wild to think that wedding traditions have varied nearly as much as the styles of dress over the years. Thanks for an interesting read, and I will probably hit you up for your know how when I am sewing my sister's dress later this year!

  5. This dresses its amazing and then beautiful one ..this was wonderful idea for a post its my point of view its good one of wedding dresses


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