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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Collette Patterns : So Cute!

I have been reading about Colette Patterns on other blogs for awhile now and I can't believe I have never checked them out until now. They have a really vintage and feminine feel and I can't wait to try them. Here are some styles I would love to try . If you haven't already noticed the models are rather curvy for modeling standards but it's perhaps a smart marketing move because most women can see what the dress will more closely look like on themselves.  Let's face it, even mediocre styles can look great on someone with the long, lean proportions of most models. I love the set designs and styling too.

 Beignet Skirt

Ceylon Dress

Chantilly Dress

Crepe Dress


  1. I just won the skirt pattern, I was shocked how nice the pattern is layout. I am hoping to make the skirt soon. I am very curvy. Hope it works out. The crepe is very pretty too!

  2. They are very cute! I want to try the Macaron dress and the Nutmeg underthings. But, then I already have a gazillion patterns! Decisions, decisions!


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