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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Theatre costumes: As You Like It

So I have to brag about my daughter a little now. Her school staged Shakespeare's As You Like It last night and they all did a great job. It seemed that everyone remembered all their lines too which is pretty hard with Shakespeare! Isabelle played Phoebe, the fickle shepherdess and she really enjoyed playing the vixen. Kudos to the makeup person as well because on the way home my husband said," Allan has so many lines on his forehead for a young guy. He looks really stressed,"Allen was playing an older duke and had lines drawn on his face to make him look older." I guess I really do need to get some glasses", was his reply after I told him it was just makeup!
I provided the girls' dresses below.
Isabelle as Phoebe in a dress I originally made to go to a Renaissance Fair.

Phoebe, Celia, Audrey, and Rosalind 

"Rosalind" in a remodeled dress I got at a thrift shop.

The skirt on the left was made from upholstery fabric, I made the one in the middle and the red one was also found at a thrift shop.


  1. Ah, that's why you asked if I was costuming a play last month ... nice work there!

  2. Thanks Dfr210 im taking an online bustier class this week!

  3. First let me say that your daughter is beautiful. You did a great job with costumes Justine. You sure are a busy mom.

  4. Justine, would that be the KK one at PR? If so, I'll see ya there!

  5. How fun! Those costumes look fantastic.

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  7. Issabelle you look like an angel. You should have played the role of Rosalind. Nice work there designing the costumes


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