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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sewing To Do List

So yesterday was a crazy Mom day. I took my baby and two dogs out in the jogging stroller to walk in the orange groves. On the way back the mean pitbull mix from the ranch next door was waiting and attacked my dog Lucky who is already lame from being the victim of a  hit and run most likely involving a ranch vehicle out on the road. Poor Lucky's ear was almost torn off and my husband had to take him in for stitches. Said neighbors will have to be dealt with somehow.
 Then I got a call from my daughter at school to tell me she had hit her head on her friends' head. She was dazed and confused so I left the two little ones with my dad and rushed to the school. A normally 15 minute drive took 45 minutes because a truck hit an overpass on the freeway and there was only one road open. After two hours spent at urgent care my daughters x- ray came back normal, thank God. She did stay home with a headache so I have to keep an eye on her. Lucky also has a big cone on his head today so I'll be staying home to watch him too. So yesterday was just one of those days.
Today I woke up thinking about all the projects on my sewing to do list which are:

     I've been teaching myself Photoshop Elements and I downloaded that cute notepad page from and then opened it in Photoshop and did the writing onto the photo and saved it as a Jpeg file. Cute isn't it? Except I spelled Lily's name wrong and don't want to open the whole file again.

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    1. OMG Justine, what a day you had, glad your daughter is OK and Lucky will also be ok. Maybe you can start on your list today. Good luck.


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