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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Making A First Communion Dress: Simplicity 3984

First of all let me introduce you properly to Miss L. Here she is at almost two years old. She has been a diva since day one.. Oy Vey!

And here she is "in character" for her role as Amber in the musical Hair Spray. The makeup was only for the play. Don't start thinking I'm one of those moms from Toddlers and Tiaras now! For those of you not in the know it's a reality show that chronicles the lives of pint sized beauty queens and their perversely controlling stage moms who live vicariously through their little ones. Someone please call child protective services on these moms already! Can putting pounds of makeup and hairspray on a two year and then sending her down a runway to be judged on her "beauty" be considered child abuse?  Did I mention I hate child beauty pageants? As an aside, the dress is something I whipped up for her from a McCalls pattern. The fabric was only one dollar a yard. Love that. I never did get to hemming the lace .
So I have been working out the design for my Miss L's First Communion Dress. Is there a word for a mini- bridezilla? I can't believe how bossy this kid has gotten about this dress design and how all over the place she is... Clients, I'll tell you !! Oh yes, this is my eight year old I'm talking about here. Isn't it me who is supposed to be the boss? Well, here are a couple ideas she likes..

As you can imagine, I'm not too thrilled about doing all those pick ups and I was hoping to make something a bit more classic maybe. Here is another choice:

 This is just like a miniature wedding gown... hours of draping on that skirt there.
What happened to simple First Communion dresses like this?
So we made a compromise and have agreed on this one..

 Simplicity 3984
I will be changing it a bit but it will look similar to the pink dress on the bottom right drawing. I'm almost halfway done. The hardest part so far has been  making the petticoat. Those of you who sew vintage , do you have a hard time making petticoats? I've cut yards and yards of tulle layers and I still need to tack them to the slip. We are doing the dress in silk shantung with silk organza roses and sash. 
Stay tuned..


  1. I think she will look lovely in the dress that you are going to make. Look forward to seeing it finished.

  2. I can't wait to see the finished dress. After seeing the wedding dress you made I can imagine that is will look fantastic. :]

  3. Pretty dress! She knows what you are capable of, and wants results!

    I think the pageant stuff is crazy too! This lady in the store proclaimed my baby "tiny" with a look of pity the other day, and then proceeded to pull out a photo of her granddaughter, presumably to show me what children are supposed to look like :P I said "oh, she's very cute." And she gave me a "duh, what an understatement" look, and she informed me that the 2 year old was last year's Little Miss Such and Such of So and So. I thought (snarkily) to myself, "I wonder what she did for the talent portion, poop in her pants?" Way to teach your kids to be concerned about being judged by others starting in toddlerhood! Ha ha!

  4. Beautiful communion dresses for pretty girls on their holy day. I so love the gold dress, any little girl will look so pretty wearing this.

  5. Yeah I think I would question a moms motives for getting her baby into that. My daughter is into musical theatre and starting to go on auditions but its a fine line between encouraging a kid to do something they want and pushing something on them creating lots of hangups too! It's way too much pressure! I'd love to hear from some pageant moms to get their take on it. Btw my babies were all "tiny too" good things come in little packages!


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