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Monday, July 26, 2010

vintage find:french enamel ware and messy kids

I just wanted to share a little shelf from my kitchen I'm really proud of. It's up high so no one can get to it. With 4 kids at home all summer, not to mention their friends who are over all the time it's really hard to keep the house as I would like it. Actually it's impossible! My 7 year old and her best friend are rollerblading on the living room floor while conducting a tea party with lots of gooey honey on my dining room table and my one year old is shredding up a stick of string cheese and smashing it into the floor next to me while my 16 year old son is making fried eggs and leaving the shells all over the stove as I write this. Oh, and now he just ran out to play some tennis while leaving his dishes all over the place. No they're not brats, they are actually pretty nice. It's like they are just really unaware of their surroundings. They just don't notice the messes they make until I point them out to them. I wish I didn't notice either. So please don't think me self indulgent for posting this small vignette above of how I would like to envision my home.
I have actually been collecting French tinware for the last ten years. I bought the canister set in Isle Sur La Sorgue France 7 years ago before the almighty dollar tanked. I got the whole set for about 30 dollars which would be unheard of now. I also have a matching match container shown below. It 's probably from the 1930's or 40's. The Defense De Fumer Sign is an old no smoking sign I bought on my last trip in Paris and so is the Metaspirine sign which is from the 50's. The 1 bis sign is an old address sign I got for 2 euros.

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