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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some playclothes I made

I thought I might share a few more things I made for the girls today. Above is a simple a-line skirt made from a 60's fabric I bought at the Rose Bowl for two dollars a yard. The skirt is really simple.You can make your pattern right on the fabric.It's also cut on the bias.i will share the directions in an upcoming post.
Here we have a Gigi modeling an incredibly chic and slimming polka dot maxi dress with a flirty ruffle on the hem! The halter neckline is incredibly flattering, don't you think? Tres chic Gigi!
On the left is a simple t-shirt dress made with a t-shirt from the thrift shop with an attached skirt made from the width of 3/4 yard of fabric. I just sewed the panel with one seam in the back , gathered the skirt and sewed it onto the t-shirt. I added trim and an applique from the remnant. On the right is a sweet little pullover dress made from a Modkid pattern called Frida.

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  1. When I find blogs like yours from ladies who dare to live a handmade life in a modern. World I get so excited!
    This is just what I want to do, live a sustainable, homemade life, not an easy thing!
    I love all the clothes you made for the girls!
    My mom and grandma sew, and I only sew by hand but soon I am getting a machine and I will check all your tutorials!
    If u'd like to check out my blog is this one :)


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