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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shot Rockers Online Photography Course Giveaway!

Today I am really excited to be giving away an entire online photography course from Shot Rockers to one lucky reader! And I can honestly say, because I have taken the whole course which consists of a month's worth of daily lessons in video and PDF format, that this class is excellent, and an excellent value if you decide to purchase the course. Seriously. I'm not getting paid for this post either. Just my honest opinion. I have learned a ton from it!

When I first started blogging in 2010 I honestly knew very little about photography. I was using a point and shoot, took photos indoors with flash and couldn't tell you an aperture from an ISO and had no idea about exposure. I could barely upload a digital photo I was such a computer dud. My camera didn't have those capabilities anyway, so it didn't matter. In short, my pictures were crummy!

The photo on the left is from 2010. This photo of Gigi is hilarious! The photo on the right of Isabelle was taken a  couple of weeks ago after learning about utilizing natural lighting in the Shot Rockers class. I would probably increase my shutter speed to make the photo sharper, but it's a big improvement. Practice make perfect!

Over the past few years I have invested in a DLSR and a few lenses, and have slowly been learning how to improve my photography. When I took Tony's Shot Rockers class, I thought I might already know the material he was going to be covering. I was so wrong.

I learned so much from this class; adjusting ISO, shutter speeds,  aperture focal lengths, using external flashes, metering modes, adjusting white balance, composition, lighting.... Tony also teaches about editing, and taking better portraits and landscape photos. This class is so worth $119. But for a short time, you can get it for half off! Scroll to the bottom of the post to access the link.

Do you own a DLSR camera yet know so little about it that you end up shooting in Auto most of the time? If you are shooting in Auto you may be wondering why you spent so much money on a DLSR camera because your photos aren't that different from a point and shoot camera. Do yourself a favor and learn how to get your money's worth by learning to use your camera properly whether you take this class or not. And if you are a creative blogger like me, your photos can make or break the success of your blog. You can make the most gorgeous dress in the world, but if you don't know how to photograph it properly no one will want to see it! You have about a second to capture your readers attention and your photos are crucial to the success of your blog.

If you are already shooting in manual modes like I was, there is still so much to learn about metering, using your focus features, flashes, filters, etc. It's all covered in Tony's Shot Rockers class.Shot Rockers also has a blog where you can get free photo tips.
Here is the list of daily lessons:
Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure compensation, understanding light, get the sharp photo, lenses, using tripods, all about flashes, filters, camera care, white balance,metering, shooting JPEGS vs RAW files, photo composition, storing photos, editing, better landscapes and portraits, and printing and sharing your photos online.

As you can see there is a lot to learn!

Here is a little extra something for y'all.. Tony is now offering his course half off to readers of Sew Country Chick! (In case you don't want to take your chances on the giveaway or don't win. That is an amazing deal! Click here to check it out!

Now on to the Giveaway.

Please fill out my Rafflecopter form below to enter my giveaway.
Sorry, this giveaway is open to Sew country chick subscribers only!
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  1. oh yes i can relate! except that i still have not taken a class. i have always wanted to though:) i really hope i win:)


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