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Friday, May 3, 2013

Me Made May: I'm In!

I have been doing an awful lot of sewing for my kids lately and guess what?
I'm burned out on it.
I do have one more kids project I need to finish for my guest post at Heidi's Knock It Off Series next week. Then I will be focusing on sewing for myself.

Have you heard of Me Made May? It's a little bit like Kids Clothes Week because it's a Flickr group.
But it's not about sewing everyday. It's about WEARING THE CLOTHES YOU HAVE ALREADY SEWN EVERYDAY! Wear a handmade piece of clothing, photograph yourself in it, and add it to the Flickr group. Me Made May was conceived by Zoe from the blog So Zoe.. a few years ago, and I have participated before. It's a lot of fun to meet new sewing bloggers this way.

I was going to post a photo today, my skinny sailor pants I made last spring. I just tried them on and they were too big. I lost some weight recently, and now some of my old things will have to be taken in so I'm at the machine this morning, taking the pants in.

You can catch up with me later on Instagram!

Would you like to follow along too? Here is the Flickr group . To join the group, sign up on this post at Zoes' blog. I will also be posting my Me Mades on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag # Memademay.

Did you know Google reader is going away July 1st? 

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  1. I think I may have found the weight you lost. Can I please send it back?! I've never heard of that Flickr group, but I plan to check it out now!

  2. Hope you have a lot of fun with Me Made May.. I have been following along on flickr..SO fun ,seeing all the pretty clothes people are wearing, that they made..
    Congrats on losing weight..

  3. golly, i wish i had that problem:) i can't wear any of the dresses i have made because they are too tight:) i have been on ww and it is slowly coming off though. what a fun series! thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Sounds like a great idea. I often wonder if anyone wears all of the clothes they make.
    Even though I get great satisfaction out of sewing and seeing the end product I don't wear my stuff very often.
    I think I sew what I fantasise about wearing. Most of the time I'm wearing gym clothes or jeans and tee.
    What a great challenge, I'm in!!

  5. What a fun idea, I hadn't heard of this group either, off to check it out!


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