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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sewing the trends: A tribal print mini dress

Yes, I realize this dress is a little short and tight, but it's exactly what she wanted and she loves it.
Of course this isn't an everyday dress. It's for a party, and I think I would wear it myself if I was her age too.
I think it looks amazing on her!
Fabric used:
I used a tribal print I bought here at Low Price fabrics.
The Casual Lady from Go To Patterns.

All of the proceeds from the Casual Lady pattern go to benefitting victims of Human Trafficking thanks to the She's Worth It Campaign.

 We had to do a lot of fitting on this pattern because there is quite a bit of ease in this knit dress pattern.
By the time I took everything in, it's probably a size extra small.
 You may notice Isabelle is now a redhead! As a child her hair was strawberry blonde and the hairdresser went a little overboard today trying to get her natural color back. 
I think it really compliments her beautiful blue eyes.
My husband and I both have brown eyes so I consider Isabelle a needle in the haystack!
But my grandpa had blue eyes. The other one was an American Indian.
That's where the cheekbones come from.

I know many of you, my lovely readers, only sew for your small girls. But there will come a day when they become very opinionated about what you make for them.
 And they don't want the clothes you make for them to look like they came from a pattern book at Joann.
Well, who does?

Did you know Google reader is going away soon? 

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  1. I have so many patterns now that my girls are no longer interested in because their tastes have changed. Nearly everything they ask me to make now comes with a question, "but, can you do this instead?" Lovely dress!

  2. She is just beautiful. The dress is awesome!! I love knits...they fit but you can still walk. :)

  3. She looks amazing. And I think that it is great that you are still able to sew for her. ~Major Moma

  4. Beautiful!! My husband and I were just discussing this last night as I wondered how long Eliza would want to wear clothes I make. It's a thoughtful mom who embraces and honors her daughter's opinions and style! Good for you! And the result is gorgeous!

  5. She's a beauty! (and resembles her beautiful mom quite a bit) The dress fits perfectly!

    I've been working with my oldest (almost 14) on finding patterns that fit her and appeal to her sense of style. It's definitely harder than sewing for the 2 little girls but I think that's what makes it even so rewarding.:)

  6. Justine,
    Isabelle is beautiful as is her dress. I was just amazed at how much she looks
    like her pretty mama..
    The fabric is just gorgeous, and the fit is great.. She will be a hit at the party. Hope she has a great time.
    Yes, sewing for the older girls is not like doing the frilly /cute things for the little ones [and not as much fun,ha]. Have to tell you this one. When picking out patterns for Emily's Easter dress.. She told her mom and I, " I like this pattern, but will those lines be there?" "what lines?" we asked. She said, I don't want them lines [talking about the line drawings showing the bust darts], where your bountiful blessings make a point!!! We laughed and laughed at her. It was a long fun day with those girls.ha

  7. I kept scrolling through the pictures waiting for the "real person" pictures. I didn't realize I was already looking at them! She looks beautiful!

  8. It's a great dress, and my 9 year old is already starting to become opinionated about what I make for her. right now she just wants things to be in her favorite colors and not to girly, but I am sure as she gets older her opinions will get stronger.

  9. Your daughter looks beautiful. You are absolutely right about them reaching an age where they become quite opinionated. I consider it an honor when my daughter asks me to sew for her and likes what I sew. Good job, Mom!

  10. Wow, she is so pretty and the dress looks great on her!

  11. Looks great! Something I would have worn before I had kids :D

  12. That is one stunning model in a very attractive dress!

  13. This is a darling dress. My daughter is also super opinionated about what I make and buy for her. Very pretty photos!

  14. This is is beautiful and definitely does NOT look like it came from a sew-at-home-pattern!!!! Your daughter is one lucky girl!

  15. This is such a pretty dress and inspirational blog! So great. I just got this fringe purse and i could see it going well with this dress. I must buy it!


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