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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tissue paper Easter eggs. Little kids crafts

tissue paper easter eggs
Are you looking for an easy craft to make with little kids?
Tissue paper Easter eggs are an oldie but goodie.
And so much fun to make together !
The good part about this craft is you only need to buy three things from the dollar store:
Clear shelving or Contac paper
Colored tissue paper
colored construction paper
Get your Easter crafting on!

 Just to see that expression on her face makes all the running around to the Dollar Store worth the time and energy for me. Plus, we can figure out other projects to make from those three ingredients.
 Another idea to make the project more Christian is to glue down a cross first, before you press on the construction paper. We'll do that next time!

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  1. Um, stupid question here...Is the contact paper sticky or do you glue the tissue paper?
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Gigi is getting so big!

  2. What a fun project.. [I see me and the grandkids doing this] Thank you for sharing..
    Gigi is having super fun.


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