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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Bleached And Studded Cutoffs

DIY studded bleached cutoff shorts
Welcome to week two of the Sew Country Chick DIY Cutoff series!
This week we have a tutorial for making some bleached and studded cutoffs.
Thanks for modeling today, Emily!
DIY studded bleached cutoff shorts
Make sure the jeans you start off with are HIGH WAISTED. These are easy enough to find at the thrift shop. One way to tell if jeans are high waisted is there should be a few inches between the bottom of the fly and the bottom of the crotch seam. Try them on and mark where you want to cut them.
Mix one part bleach with four parts water. Stir the shorts in the mixture and make sure you saturate them. Do this outside because the bleach smells horrible!
Lay the wet shorts out in the sun until they get to the lightness you want. Make sure you wash them right away afterwards so the shorts don't deteriorate further from the bleach.

Draw guidelines so you attach your studs neatly. Isabelle used disappearing fabric marker.

When you poke your prongs of the stud in the fabric you will need to FLATTEN the prongs so you don't get poked when you wear the shorts.

A butter knife works great to flatten the prongs.

DIY studded bleached cutoff shorts


Here is last week's pair of short sin case you missed them.
DIY Galaxy Shorts Tutorial

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  1. cute! Love the studs!


  2. I read somewhere that is you use household bleach on clothing it eventually eats through the clothes and disintegrates them, would anyone know if this is true?

  3. I would have used a "colour remover" available from any dye company. It is more gentle than bleach. I would hate for those jeans to rip when wearing them....and that has happened to me after I bleached a pair of jeans.


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