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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Chalkboard stencilled herb box

I love to paint things and was excited to try out these Handmade Charlotte stencils , Folk Art paints, and chalkboard paint I received from the Plaid Company to try out. 

I made this herb garden box A La Francaise with the stencils, paints, and the chalkboard paint which I loved. It was my first time trying it. This was a fun project!

The Handmade Charlotte stencil kit was a frame theme as you can see below.
Here is how I made the box:
First I painted a planting box from the home store a creamy white I already had.
Herb plants, potting mix, Handmade Charlotte Stencils, Folk Art paint, Chalkboard paint, potting soil, little wooden oval shaped plaques from the hobby store, a piece of sandpaper, wood stain in walnut, a Sharpie, and a rag.
I used one of the frames and the alphabet stencils to create the graphics. I traced them with a pencil and then filled them in with paint. The letters I filled in with a Sharpie. I mixed a few colors together to get this aqua green color.
I sanded the box to rough it up, then I rubbed a little walnut stain on the box to age it.
I painted the little plaques from the hobby store with the chalkboard paint and used some wood glue to glue them on.
Now I can just pop out my back door to pick these three herbs I probably use the most in my cooking .
Parsley, thyme, and basil!

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  1. Such a cute blog- following you now!

  2. Adorable.. I love painting things too. such fun..

  3. I absolutely adore this! Great job

  4. I was sent your way from NapTimeCrafters and I LOVE your darling herb garden! A functional, detailed, & happy place to grow those yummy herbs:) Great job! I love your 'jazzy' print leggings too!

  5. So cute! It turned out awesome! This is an awesome project! I hope you will consider linking it up to the Pinworthy Projects Party over at my blog, Just Us Four.

  6. You are so fancy! Love the painting - great job!


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