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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Handmade Sewing Cards: Keeping Little Hand Busy:

My little one loves to do projects. Projects, projects, and more projects.
A crafty soul is born.
So what is a mommy to do?
Keep her little hands busy making things.

 She wanted to sew so last night I cut out some felt circles and gave her a chenille needle threaded with embroidery floss. In & out we went, my hand on hers, until ouch! She poked herself!
I had to figure out a safer way for her to learn about sewing!

 Gigi loves to paint too, so I made this little project to keep her busy.
First I cut out some shapes from cardboard with scissors. 
She painted each side of the cut out shapes.
Then my son cut out little holes all around the cards. Sons are good for stuff like that.
I put some tape around some yarn so she could thread the yarn through.
Look, she is sewing!


  1. What a fun idea... She looks very happy with her sewing project... Good job mom and brother..

  2. Your daughter looks like she was having a ton of fun! Such a amazing idea!

  3. I totally forgot I had cards like that when I was a little kid; my daughter would love this!

  4. Great idea. P.S. You can find plastic yarn needles at Hobby Lobby - no more ouch.


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