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Friday, November 16, 2012

Design Your Own Clothes Draft Along: The T Shirt Draft

Welcome to my Draft Along through the book, Design it Yourself Clothes, by Cal Patch!
This week I drafted the t shirt pattern, and made a muslin in some pretty, but clingy, light weight sweater knit.
Actually, I did the whole project today as I have been under the weather  and didn't post on Tuesday when I said I would.
From here on out I will post the draft along on Fridays. With the holidays coming and all sorts of business scheduled I think once a week is enough!

Also, if you should be thinking about or stopping by to post at my Sew& Tell linky, I won't be doing it until the new year. It's a big job getting that little party together every week for me and I need a little vacation from it. I think I will just go and visit some other parties for a change!

Today I am going to post my photos and notes from the second pattern in the book I am making.
The T Shirt.
I took all of the measurements required for the t shirt draft. I read them twice and measured them twice and you should too.
Of course, I'm not going to walk you through every step of the process, that's what the book is for, but I do have some notes to share with you.

First I drew my 1/2 shoulder width horizontal line on my paper then measured down 7 inches to establish the armhole length. The 1/4 bustline measurement should be drawn across that intersection., a right angle from the center front fold.

I used the high shoulder to waist measurement to establish the waist line.
The distance between the top shoulder and the hip is the total length of the top I decided earlier, when I took measurements.

 The directions for making the sleeve were very clear and I drafted this very quickly.
I didn't use a ruler to draw the sleeve head. It seemed to fit fine.
 So I cut out and made a working muslin from some green sweater knit I have had for  along time. I'm thinking of adding a cowl neckline to this top to jazz it up.
I have to admit the t shirt fit perfectly. A little too perfectly around my middle! But you won't be seeing a picture of it on me because...
I also have to admit I am very vain, and after the last few weekends full of dining out and wine tasting with friends, my tummy just looks terrible in this top. Hopefully I can get things together again by next week if I work out everyday and stop eating so much.

If you would like to see the posts about drafting the A line skirt you can see those here and here.

If you made a project please post your link here. I'd love to see it!


  1. Greetings from Maine!

    I just love your blog! So glad I found it...thanks for sharing all your terrific ideas and tips...I will be back!

    Sweet blessings,

  2. Hi, Justine. I hope you are feeling better. Here is a question: when you measure from high shoulder to true waist and the length of the shirt, do you measure over your bust or beside it?

    Thanks for your help on the skirt. I finally got it fitting just right. I still have to take a picture, but I'm really happy with it. I still need to work on finishing inside seams of clothing I make, but I found Cal's notes on that in the back, and they were really helpful.

    Finally, do you have favorite sources for knit fabrics?


  3. gah - I knew I was forgetting something this week, I'll blame my not drafting this pattern yet on not having the tuesday reminder ;op Hahahahaahahah - this is one I really want to do though, maybe I can work it up this weekend.

  4. I thought my muslin looked too big too, but then it ended up being a hair on the short side! Oh well. I'm putting all sewing on hold for the week while we're visiting family, and I'll have to catch up next week. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Hi Justine, I have a few questions, I drafted my pattern for the t-shirt and ran into problems, so I went back and read your post on your t-shirt draft and you show a 7" drop from the shoulder to the bustline, this gives you your armhole. On the sleeve cap you show a 3 1/2" cap (half the armhole length). I didn't follow what you did, I followed the instructions in the book and it said to use a formula of two-thirds times armhole height. When I followed the instructions I had to adjust the cap so it would fit the armhole. I haven't tried your instructions yet, just thought I would ask why your way differs from the book, I wanted to clarify this before I go any further. Thanks!

  6. In my point of view Jamie, those successful designers created their own way in t-shirt designing. This makes them known in the business. That's what I can tell in the case of Justine. As long as you knew what you are doing, then following the guidelines from the book won't be necessary.


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