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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gigi's Turkey Tee and planting seeds for winter

I was inspired to make a turkey appliqued t shirt this year for Gigi after we had so much fun doing her handprint turkey on paper project. Of course, her T shirt will probably have stains all over it by Thanksgiving, but that's OK!
Kids will be kids.
We, meaning mostly my husband, have been getting the garden ready for our winter vegetables. Yesterday my husband and son tilled all the beds and today he is planting the winter seeds. Cabbage, lettuces, carrots, onions, broccoli, beets, and other stuff.

Richard likes to make long mounds to plant the seeds in. Our two younger girls will each have their own row to take care of. The bigger kids aren't too interested in gardening anymore. Hopefully they will like it again when they grow up!

Little ones love to garden and it's so good for them to plant something and watch it grow.
Don't step on the seeds Gigi!
Up there on the left is a 5,000 gallon water tank we have. Our water comes out of a well across the road under the river.
There are a few scraggling plants left from the summer garden. Some peppers and zucchini and dying tomato plants.

This is a fun and easy top to make. I started with a plain, white, turtleneck from Target and dyed it yellow with Rit dye.
Then I ironed some double sided applique paper onto the back of some orange fabric scraps I had. I traced Gigi's hand and cut out four handprints. Then I used the applique paper on some brown fabric and cut out a turkeylike body, very basic.
I peeled off the second layer of protective paper from the applique and ironed the design to the t shirt.
I sewed a running embroidery stitch around the whole turkey to make it pop and keep the applique secure.
She loves her turkey top.
You should make one too if you haven't tried a turkey tee. They are a lot of fun to make!


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