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Friday, November 9, 2012

Design It Yourself Clothes Draft Along : Fitting the A line skirt

Welcome to day two of the Design It Yourself Clothes Draft Along!
So the last post I left off with finishing the first draft of my a line skirt.
I mentioned that I thought the skirt draft looked a little off in the side seams and I was right!
The skirt was really big in the waist area.
And it had too much overall ease. 
 So I removed that 1/4 inch I added to my original measurements. Then I removed another 1/2 inch from the top waist side seam as you can see above. Altogether that made 3 inches removed from the waist.

How did I get my measurements so messed up ?!

As far as sewing the skirt went goes, this was really only a muslin so I sewed it quickly.
I sewed the side seams, inserted a side seam zipper, made a one inch folded over hem, and left the waistband unfinished for today. I will add a grosgrain waistband tomorrow.
 This skirt above is the same skirt I have on in the first picture after I took in my side seams and dyed it.. The fabric was an old denim I bought at a yard sale and it was faded by the sun so I dyed it navy blue.
Now that my skirt fitting and pattern revision are complete I will trace my pattern to a new, clean piece of manila paper which will make the pattern more durable. I can use it again and again to trace and make new styles from!
I won't be making the other skirts in the book until I am finished making all of the other basic styles first.
On the agenda for next Tuesday :

Tracing my revised skirt pattern to my manila paper.
Drafting the t shirt pattern.

If you are sewing along you can post a link here below!


  1. I was excited to have success with my first muslin on this! I was really nervous about my ease, so I was excited it worked out.

    I'm much more nervous about the top fit. I blogged my skirt here. A-line skirt Post


  2. Thank you thank you! I have an amazing piece of dark gray fabric with the moat beautiful movement and this skirt is perfect for that fabric. I can't wait to do it this weekend.

  3. Thanks for the great sharing! I can use your idea to match my Cheap Clothes For Men It was given to me for new hope this past year and it has gotten some heavy use. Thus an idea began to blossom.


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