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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Galaxy Dress: A High/Low Dress

I was shopping with my girls and we found some amazing silk fabric in downtown LA with a galaxy print.
It was almost 3D, the print was so realistic, like a photograph.
We had to buy it!
Plus, I couldn't believe I found this silk for five dollars a yard.

My daughter wanted me to make her a dress for her birthday party.
After coming up with a few sketches for her to peruse, this was the design that she was excited about.

   A bandeau top with an elastic encased skirt and the high low thing going on at the hem.

I think it's a little racy for a teen but she loved this design and wanted something like it.
So I gave in.
One less dress to be bought at Forever 21!

If you would like me to post this pattern as a PDF, please leave a comment!
I am learning how to make and upload PDF patterns and this dress is so simple to make that I think it needs a tutorial and a pattern to go with it.

But first, I'd love to hear your opinion ...
 Is this dress too racy for a 17 year old?

According to trend reporters, this galaxy fabric is going to be popular this season. Check out some dresses from some recent shows.

Christopher Kane's Galaxy print dress. 
I love this little dress. I found this photo after I made my dress. I would love to try making the dress on the left and probably would have tried to knock this off if I had seen it, but my silk was a little too thin anyway. The dress above looks more like a thicker silk satin.
That neckline is gorgeous. 
This dress retails for 2,195 dollars! 

Here are a few more cosmic frocks:
Have a great week!

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  1. Wow, what a cool dress for a 17yr old...bang on trend! And what a cool mum for making it ;o) I think your daughter is gorgeous and this dress is lovely on her, not too revealing in my humble opinion!

  2. I don't think this dress is racey at all, I think she looks beautiful in it and would love the pattern for my own daughter!

  3. I agree with the others - its beautiful and so is your daughter!

  4. Love it and your daughter looks great. When to wear this kind of dress if not when you're 17?

  5. Gorgeous! I'd wear it in a heartbeat (if I were 17)
    As far as modesty goes, I would much rather see this beautiful custom dress made with love than the super short "jorts" riding up all the behinds on my campus!

  6. I love this dress, and it totally looks like you paid 2000 bucks for it!! She looks like supermodel with it on!!! I don't think its too racy... its not revealing anything it shouldn't. I know your worries about things like this, my own daughter is 19, and I worry sick about some of her clothing choices, for sure. I think the cut is very sweet, and PERFECT for the birthday girl!!! GREAT JOB!!!

  7. Beautiful fabric turned into an extra beautiful garment. I suppose I may have had the same initial feeling of raciness as a mom, but really nothing too much is being revealed and she looks fantastic.

  8. That fabric is amazing. The dress is gorgeous. I think it's fine. It's certainly much more modest than much of what's out there. When I first saw the pictures, I thought they were from a magazine.

  9. The dress is gorgeous and perfect for a 17 year old! I'm 34 and would have worn something like that at your daughter's age (in fact I would wear it now!). It's perfect for a summer's day whilst still being conservative - and your daughter is beautiful so should be wearing beautiful things :)

  10. Woman, your daughter is rockin' your talent for design and dressmaking. That dress is a knockout and not racey at all. She looks like a supermodel in it and you should be proud that your lovely child WANTS you to make something this beautiful for her and she looks great in it as well!
    Definately post your pattern for this dress.

  11. Love the fabric! what a find! great dress!

  12. Stunning--the dress AND your daughter. This dress doesn't look racy at all. It's lovely and perfect for a young lady on a summer day. You did a phenomenal job. The shoes are amazing too.

  13. I think this dress is beautiful. The fabric colours are amazing! And no, it is not too racy for a 17 year old at all! I'm 33 and think that this dress is quite appropriate for her age!

    I'm a new sewer and am so excited to see patterns that I'd love to make one day. Can't wait for the pattern to be posted!

  14. I really like the dress! It's fine for a 17-year old. :-)

  15. gorgeous dress. I love it and think it's totally age appropriate. Where did you find the fabric?

  16. Wow, this dress is beautiful! Love the high-low hem line and the unique fabric. Your daughter looks great and is quite the model! It's so awesome that you can make something for your teen daughter that she loves (I'm sure it's hard to do)!

  17. Where store did you get the fabric from? I live somewhat close to downtown LA & would really LOVE to buy the fabric! Thanks :D

  18. Not to racy at all... looks very cute!!! Would you share the pattern with me?

  19. Its sooo adorable!! Would you be willing to share the pattern??


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