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Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Look 6122:A Humbling Experience

Once in awhile a sewing project comes along that gets the better of me.
It's usually a project that upon examining, I consider easy.
"Oh, I can knock this out in a couple of hours."

That's what I thought about New Look 6122.
The whole experience was almost a disaster, but in in the end, I saved the dress.

But sewing can be a humbling experience....

So where do I start explaining the many mistakes that were made?

First, I made the mistake of only buying two meters of this interesting cotton knit on my trip to Tokyo. It was only two dollars a yard, too! I should have bought at least three yards, considering how narrow it was.
New Look 6122 was supposed to be the maxi dress with the lovely draped neckline. 
Once I cut out the first half of the maxi skirt I realized there was no way I was going to have enough fabric for the other side of the skirt. I would have to make the shorter version which this print didn't have in mind!
I also had failed to notice that the bodice was supposed to be cut on the bias. The pattern has a pretty, draped neckline. When I laid the piece down to cut it out, I realized I didn't have enough fabric to cut the neckline on the bias and would have to cut it on the straight grain. What was I thinking?
It's impossible to get a proper draped neckline on the straight grain as you can see below.

Once again, I had brazenly disregarded the directions on the pattern, thinking I could just wing it,  and soldiering on ahead, as I usually do. 

Was this a metaphor for my life?
I hadn't sunk to sewing depths this low for some time...

No amount of fussing would get this neckline to lie down flat.
I had to take the whole bodice apart and reshape it, creating a totally different style from what I wanted.
Yikes, this new bodice combined with this print gives me a bit of the dreaded mono boob look!

While I think this fabric would have looked fabulous as a maxi dress, I wasn't sure if it worked as a knee length dress.
To avoid looking too frumpy, which I worry more and more about lately, I hemmed the dress a couple of inches shorter than my knees.
But now I think I may like it better at the longer length.
I didn't think I like the dress very much, but yesterday I wore it to the beach with some flip flops and I think it makes a good casual sundress.

Just not the showstopping draped neckline maxi dress I was hoping for!

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  1. Ohhh , when this happens really makes us consider some bad habits or automatic decisions we take.. You manage to save it beautifully...

  2. I quite like it - you've done a great job saving it. I really like this pattern but haven't bought it yet - its still winter here and I'm not quite ready to see for summer!

  3. hahahhahahha - sorry Justine, I am actually really sorry for the frustration you felt while making this dress. Boy - do I know that feeling! But the post made me laugh nonetheless. I don't see the monoboob, but I know the feeling!

    I think the dress looks great!

  4. I mean this in the best way possible, but it's great to know that even amazing seamstresses like yourself have off days in sewing ;o) What matters though is that you really turned it around and although your dress is not what you had in mind, you still have a very cute summer dress to chill out in!

  5. You did a great job, turning this around. .Really pretty sundress. So sorry you had to go through the frustration though... Happy sewing.

  6. Thanks everyone! I am feeling a bit better about life in general today!

  7. Great save! And totally no monoboob!! Thanks for the post. This was one pattern I had every ambition of making several of this summer, but it didn't happen. When I do get around to it, I will heed your advice! You look great. The length is perfect for you. Sorry about the tribulations, but it paid off in the end.

  8. Love that you did not give have given me inspiration to finish my Vogue jumpsuit which was last summers nightmare project! I really like the fabric & the fit on you is fabulous....& I hear you about the frumpy

  9. Why is it always those seemingly simple projects that end up kicking our butts??? Anyhow, I think your save makes for a rather cute sundress! Sorry for all the frustrations.:)

  10. You did a great job!! I would not have been able to master it as you did!! You look beautiful in it!! xo Heather

  11. Clever save of your now trendy and very attractive dress on you! What monoboob? In fact, I find the square neckline flattering on you.

  12. I love it, and I see no mono boobs. I think it makes a cute summer dress and it's very flattering... and oooh... wait... I think it's about my size. Um, yes... I think it could be. Oh your really don't want it, it doesn't flatter after all. I think I could take it off of your hands ; )

  13. Great save! I think it looks great on you.

  14. Wow that's amazing, what a save! When I do things like that I try to soldier on & then get frustrated & the project usually ends up languishing in a corner some where. Next time I shall persevere, thank you for sharing.

  15. Wow that's amazing, what a save! When I do things like that I try to soldier on & then get frustrated & the project usually ends up languishing in a corner some where. Next time I shall persevere, thank you for sharing.


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