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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dorky kids sewing patterns

Can someone tell me when it became Ok to dress our children like pint sized clowns?

I hope I am not offending any of you ruffle bell bottom lovers.

I love me some ruffles just like the next girl but if your child is over two or three, take my advice and steer clear of giant ruffled bell bottoms when sewing clothing for your little girl.

Of course you can ignore my advice but don't come back here and tell me I didn't warn you when your kids grow up and hide your photos of them in their hilarious clown pants.

Where  did this bell bottom ruffle pant trend came from?
Here is a clue....
It starts with C and ends with an N.
The resemblance to this clown costume I made recently is remarkable!
I should have added two more layers of ruffles on the bottom!
What was I thinking?
These pants can also double as a floor mop.
Seriously, how unpractical is this design?
This outfit illustrates perfectly why "less is more"
is good advice when it comes to ruffles.
Actually, I am on the fence when it comes to this outfit above.
It's sort of growing on me!

Now some of the big pattern companies have tried to keep up with the trends. Unfortunately they followed some of the more outlandish trends like the harem pant craze from 2010.
There is plenty of room for your kids Pull ups in them there pants below.

Now let's not forget the boys...
Why is it that there are like 150 patterns for girls and only 4 for boys ?

How about some dorky gangsta chic for you?

Reader, below is sadly some of what we have to choose from from the big pattern companies when it comes to boys sewing patterns.
Mind you, these aren't discontinued patterns.
They are all modern patterns available in stores.
McCall's 6099
This pattern comes with directions for making your own doo rag.

McCall's 4364

Can someone tell me why these Fresh Prince of Bel Air  type patterns are still for sale?
I guess parents just don't understand.
McCall's 6222
Here is an outfit for older boys. I wonder how the boy in the camouflage outfit would be treated at school when he shows up in this circa 1998 outfit?
I suppose he could wear this outfit on a hunting trip.
But those huge baggy pants are really dated.

Friends, these are not old patterns. These are patterns available in major fabric stores right now.

Fortunately there are a lot of great pattern designers out there in blog land and in the independent  sewing pattern market.
You just can't find them at Joann's.

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  1. Ha ha! I made the Rosie Posie one for my daughter when she was 6. I was learning how to ruffle at the time so it was helpful for that but my daughter only wore it once to a rodeo and she looked like the rodeo clown.

  2. So, can you point me to some GOOD patterns for boys?

  3. I am so with you Justine! I have often wondered if I'm just not 'with it' because I'm not into ruffles...a few, fine, but row upon way!!! And those harem pants...I admit, I've been tempted because my daughter wears cloth diapers, but I have not been able to bring myself to dress her like MC Hammer. Of course, they're very practical...if you put a drawstring in these, they could fit from Kindergarten straight through to Grad! ;)

  4. Oh, and the lack of boy patterns...don't get me started!

  5. I just LOVE you Justine. I HATE those ruffle pants but never had the courage to write about it because I thought I was the only woman in America....I can see now that I am not. Love the harem pants least they were fashionable like last year (and the 1980s but everything goes in circles, right).
    And the boys patterns you are showing...hahahaha hilarious!

  6. How is it that the major pattern houses are still selling this stuff? its not just the kids patterns Women's patterns worse. Thank you for this hilarious round up ;)

  7. Verypurpleperson is always sewing stylish clothes for her son... (

    but then again, she has the skill of being able to read Japanese patterns.

    1. Hi Clara
      Japanese patterns are actually not hard. Most of the steps have detailed diagrams. I have a few books and love them.

  8. I always cringe when I see those ruffle pants on little girls. Very much not my style ;) I like small independent designers when I sew for my boys. I love basic Quick Sew tops and bottoms that can be personalized as I see fit. As it turns out, my kids, the older two really, are much more enamored with cheesy Tshirts with their favorite characters on them for school anyhow ;)

  9. Love this post - and I totally agree! I love ruffles, but you can't do ruffles and so much print. As Tim Gunn says, "Edit!" And by the way, I am releasing a more modern collection of boys patterns tomorrow

    1. yes!! I saw on Pinterest and was going to alert people here. Good luck Melissa.

  10. I'm so delighted to hear I'm not the only one to think these uber-ruffled trousers look ridiculous. I checked these photos with my fussy 5 yr old daughter though and was surprised to hear she thought they were cute!
    boys big 4 patterns are hideous and always look dated: I have used Burda and KwikSew for boy basics but for cool or interesting boys patterns, magazines like Patrones Ninos are great. The Japanese pattern books aren't hard to use but I haven't yet made boys clothes from them ....

  11. I agree. And don't get me started on what you can't find at JoAnns!

  12. I too just don't understand why there aren't more patterns for boys! I have always struggled trying to find things for my son. I have an endless supply of patterns for my girls, and many more I want to buy, and sadly I only have a couple for my son. I do love the Farbenmix Imke though; thank heavens for that one. Once he grows a little bigger, I won't be able to use it though. I recently saw a book on Amazon that has great reviews on making men's shirts. That is on my wish list. I hope that I can make my son some really nice stylish shirts one day.

    1. Good news Shirley,
      I am writing a companion piece to this post today. Cool sewing patterns for little boys.

  13. Yes, what's with the lack of patterns for boys?! My coworker is about to have a son and I saw so excited to whip up a few things and I can't find anything that doesn't look like scrubs. Can you point us to any fun indie designers? I'll be checking out blank slate as well.

    1. Hi Sara, stop by tomorrow for my post on little boys patterns that aren't totally dorky!

  14. I saw some of ruffle pants on sisters at church. I just absolutely hate them. It's not even worth it to sew for boys over the age of three. Better to just buy them clothes, I think. They are nowhere near as understanding and accepting of a home-sewn wardrobe as girls are.

  15. Good post and while I do not sew for boys, I do support those of you who struggle to find patterns. There is nothing worse than seeing patterns which have that county fair look to them. As for the ruffles, I really think the first outfit is cute...on a teeny toddler. It looks like a quilter went wild!

  16. Hahaha! Love this. I always thing the same thing but don't say it =)

  17. Lurker and (shhhh,sewing dad) anxiously waiting for the post on patterns for boys. Not any easier to find in France... malheureusement. Maybe I should move back to California. No, scratch that. I'll just wait for the next post. :)

  18. I found your post really funny. I wonder if those patterns would look as costume-y with a more subdued fabric - maybe a solid? I have to tell you that as a teacher, my pet peeve are children who arrive at school looking like they are dressed for a bar!

  19. Oh Thank you so much! I do not get the giant ruffle bottom pants. I mean my little girl (16 month) is not ruffle free, but I refuse to put her in clown pants- even now!

    Boys patterns are a challenge I'm so happy blogs make it a little easier though it's still a search!

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