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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stylish Little Boys Sewing Patterns

After my dorky kids sewing patterns post the other day, I got some requests from readers to list stylish boys pattern suggestions in a future post.

 Read on below to see my stylish patterns for boys that aren't dorky at all! 

My own little boy has graduated high school and is off to Berkeley, but I remember when he was little and I would try to put together cute outfits for him. Some sewn, some vintage, and some new.

Below are some photos of Oliver and his sister, who just turned 17 this week, on a trip we took to Paris. My father, a wonderful photographer was with us and he took these wonderful photos .

We had such a nice time........

And here is my son now, all grown up. 
It happens before you know it!

 So I  sympathize with those of you who want to sew styish outfits for their sons and have a hard time finding patterns.
Believe me, I have been there!
When my son was little, blogs didn't exist , I didn't know about vintage patterns or how to draft patterns for kids, and the selection at the fabric store was dreadful !

So without further ado her are my pattern pics for little boys:

Blank Slate Basics By Melly Sews Is an e book of boys coordinated patterns Melissa Mora just released and has on sale in her shop this week.

I hope you like my pattern picks! 

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  1. It does go by so fast. I can't believe our oldest will be 17... It's a blessing to have made it this far but it sure does make me wish I could go back to those days when he was little :) Great patterns.

  2. Excellent choices! And those Paris photographs are so perfectly timeless...look like they could've been taken 50 years ago or yesterday. Awesome!

  3. Justine, this is a great post, and excellent list. A couple I would add - Ottobre Magazine is really excellent for boys (

    And as you mentioned Paris - There are French patterns for boys in 2 books by Her Little World ( some lovely tops and shorts, and Citronille is another French pattern company with some patterns for boys (

  4. Thanks for featuring my book! And the rest of your picks are pretty much all in my pattern collection.

  5. Oh how they grow up.. My son is 35 yrs old and a Baptist Preacher. and I can remember yesterday ,when he was a little boy running around.. It was really hard in those days to sew for boy.Not much available pattern or fabric wise.. I mainly sewed for my daughter ,who is now 39 and a high school teacher.. Wow...where did the time go?? Yep.. Im old.!!!! lol

  6. Omigosh how handsome is your son?! Great list of patterns - that Oliver + S sailboat set is my favorite...I need to make another top for my son this fall.

  7. I do love your boy picks! I just pinned that Varsity Cowl as an idea for the fall! Really cute! :)

  8. your list is great - and your son is a handsome young man. It is funny to me how your style for him years ago is what so many of us WANT to be sewing now ;o) I know you are going to be swamped with PR&P, but I'm sewing an upcycled fall/winter wardrobe for my twin boys - I'd love if such a stylish seamstress/refashionista would stop by to say hi ;o) Suzanne

  9. Oh Justine this round up is amazing!!!! I love the Burda projects I haven't seen them before but like Kristin above I love the sailboat pattern. I am blessed with two daughters - no boys. But if I ever have a boy I know i'll be sewing some of these ;)


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