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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Vintage Modern Cowgirl Prairie Dress

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This is my second entry for the vintage modern design challenge at Burdastyle. Inspired by The Urban Prairie girl pattern . The pattern is quite simple and is a great project for the beginning sewist. A raglan sleeve bodice, with elastic casings at the neck and arms, a simple rectangular skirt with elastic placed under the waistband and some ties coming off of the side seams that tie in the back. I added the ties to the style so it would be really easy without that part. Instead of a deep hem ruffle I used a small box pleat because it would have been way too long.  I also added some different colors of crochet trim to the hem.
The fabric is by Tina Givens I think. I bought a lot of it two years ago and this was the second dress I made Lily with this fabric. It's been a while since I sewed with quilting cottons. It can be to stiff for most clothing in my opinion. You will rarely find something made of quilting cottons in a boutique. But I love the patterns. Stay tuned this week for my skirt made of Echino Japanese quilting cotton.
 I love that stuff!
Urban Prairie by Indygo Junction
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  1. oh how cute and adorable is this dress! i love the pattern, and the happy colours and of course the model is sooo sweet too ;)

  2. Oh I love that fabric. It looks perfect with that dress. It turned out so cute! Ok, now I want another girl to dress....

  3. Such a beautiful dress and looks great in that fabric.

  4. Fabulous fabric, great pattern, and fantastic photos! Best of luck to you. This is such a sweet dress. Let us know if there is any voting involved...I'm "voting" right now by Pinning your beautiful work!

  5. Oh my! I really like your design. It's fun and childlike but has a sophistication, too. Beautiful work!

  6. This is really cute, my daughter would go nuts over it :)

  7. I love the pleated hem - so much nicer than the ruffles we see everywhere.
    Your model is quite adorable too!
    Thank you for adding your link to Make Grow Thrift

  8. This dress is super cute...and I think the details are so important. It's what sets a dress apart from the rest. Here, I really like the very neat pleats/ruffles running along the hem of the dress :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. This is really just gorgeous! I love the box pleat and the trim!

  10. This is so adorable! I love the prints and colors you used.

  11. very pretty.
    I always thought Quilting cotton was to flimsy to make clothing from. but then again, I've never bought from a quilting shop so I may not be getting the right feel for it.

    if the fabric seems to stiff for a particular garment, you could always wash it before sewing, and even cut on the bias to get the more relaxed soft look that we're more accustomed to now days. Just a thought. Kitty

  12. I love it! This is so pretty!

  13. Such a lovely dress! Very nice colors!

  14. I love the pleated bottom instead of a turned out so cute!


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