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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On Living Handmade: Eating Locally Caught Seafood

In our quest to eat local, grow what we can and avoid products made in foreign sweatshops and grown on conglomerate farms,( pink sludge anyone?) Richard  has started buying our seafood on Saturday mornings at the docks in Ventura. There are some Japanese fishermen who go fishing at The Channel Islands in the wee hours and come back with a fresh catch the same morning. I had no idea you could buy fresh seafood like this in Ventura.  I had been buying our seafood at Trader Joe's and Fresh & Easy but after reading and watching on the news about how the shrimp farms in Thailand in Vietnam are often polluted with sewage runoff  I stopped buying shrimp at the market unless it was from New Zealand and that is expensive!
If you live near the ocean you might want to try going down to the docks and buying your fish directly from the fishermen. assuming it is caught legally and not at the shore where water can be contaminated.
We bought fresh shrimp, sardines which were amazing, nothing like the canned kind, and sole this time. It did takctra time cleaning and filleting the seafood. But we had some great Italian wine  bought on sale at Trader Joe's so it turned into a little party! So why buy seafood that was farmed thousands of miles away when you can buy it locally if you live near the ocean like I do? If the seafood is coming from another country and is farmed how are we to know it's been properly packaged and raised?
We don't really.
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  1. Mmm ... Good thinking, I live on an island, obviously it is surrounded by water everywhere, so buying fresh fish whenever I can do it, this made me think ....


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