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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring sewing inspirations: Sailor and French linen

This spring I'm doing something new. Instead of just making pieces willy nilly from fabric I love but that doesn't necessarily match with anything else for my Gigi and Lily, I'm putting together a little collection. I went through my fabric stash and designed the collection based on what I could find that matched.
I came up with some navy fabric, seersucker, natural linen, chambray, navy stripes, and I bought one yard of red & white striped cotton lycra at Fabric Fairy as well as some wooden anchor buttons on Etsy.
My first project is almost finished, a little sailor dress from a 1941 sewing pattern.
I have been really inspired by a mix of nautical themes and also the natural linen  French linens and trying to figure out how to marry the two influences.

From Olive Juice

French Farmhouse Style
From Etsy
I absolutely love this look from the April issue of Burdastyle.

As a part time costume designer I am always fascinated with the history of the clothing we wear. Back when we spent our summers in France I fell in love with the Breton sailor sweaters that are so easy to find there. They descended from the sailors of Brittany and look like this.

Saint James Meridian  


Antique French linen bubble suit
Boys skeleton suit circa 1790
This J Crew dress combines the earthy linen look with the sailor look beautifully! It has a vintage feel yet is very simple and modern at the same time. I love chambray.

Researching this me to wondering: What is the history of the sailor suit and how has that style been interpreted in everyday clothing over the years?
Stay tuned!
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  1. Love it all! What a great idea to d o a collection - it is so much more satisfying than having one new random addition to the wardrobe.

  2. Okay, sounds like a plan but I want to see an outfit for you too, it would be fun for you and your girls to dress in theme sailor suits. Love the look! Oh, I really loved your blouse yesterday, the piping in perfect, the fabric divine.

  3. I like this the Burda April issue for the kids clothes, as well. All cute patterns I would want to sew for them.

  4. Linen is so comfy too! and I agree with Vintage girl- you need an outfit too!

  5. @ Vintage Girl and Lady Whimsy,
    You talked me into it! I think I will do a nautical version of the Colette Ceylon!


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