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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Tops # 2, Granny Chic Blouse : From The Burdastyle Handbook

 I ordered the Burdastyle Sewing handbook about three months ago, putting the blouse project in my to do pile. Do you ever buy a sewing or craft book, not use it, and then look at it on your shelf and feel guilty if you haven't made something from it ? I have a large pile of these sewing books and I'm trying to work my way through them. I figure I have to make at least two or three projects from each one to make them worth the money I spent on them.
Good luck to me!
So what do I think of the Burdastyle handbook?
It's OK and I would like to try making the handbag and coat projects. The photography is great and the variations sewn by fellow bloggers on the basic patterns included are very inspiring indeed.
But I was very annoyed that the pattern pieces didn't include notches so I ended up sewing the yokes on upside down twice! Also, what's the deal with not including seam allowances, Burdastyle? I understand not including them in the magazine because there are like, 30 patterns on one large sheet and they need every inch of paper but this is an expensive sewing book that only has two patterns per fold out sheet. I hate adding seam allowances! And I hate tracing patterns. 
This blouse was almost bordering on frumpy, especially with the really high neckline which doesn't flatter someone busty like me. The blouse was too short waisted and I probably should have lengthened the bodice a little to lower the waist but never made a muslin.  I am am pretty happy with it anyway. 
I do love this vintage fabric I bought at The Rose Bowl Flea market .The blouse was supposed to have cuffs but I was down to my last inch of fabric and could not squeeze them out!
This will be the first of a few spring tops this month since i am participating in Made by Rae's Spring Top Sew-A-along which starts today.

If you haven't stopped by the Emmaline Bags PDF pattern giveaway and signed up for it , it's still open so stop by please!
The winner can choose which pattern she wants.
Here is one of them:

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about sewing books. My aunt gave me One Yard Wonders two Christmases ago and I still haven't used it. I feel terribly guilty about it too. I had thought about getting this book, but heck no I am not adding seam allowances, lol. :]

  2. That blouse is so adorable!! I have the Burdastyle book as well, and I didn't think I liked the blouse pattern, but I do now! I love the fabric and the accents. Too cute!
    I'm with you about the collection of sewing books. If I could just sew all day, I'd make a dent in all those projects! :)

  3. Adorable blouse. Retro means all fashions are timeless!
    It kind of reminds me of the calico cloth camp dresses my mother used to make for native american women. The skirts were full and the bodices were very pretty with ribbons and ric rac and lace and sometimes even some beadwork.

  4. AND don't forget the book is not associated with the Magazine in any way at all to begin with, so they REALLY can't use that as an excuse for not including s/a

    But the most important thing is...that is one adorable top!!! I won't buy the book, I flipped through it at BN and thought it was a little ho-hum. But I might knock off your top! haha! I love me some 70s granny fashion.

  5. Your blouse turned out great. I think the blouse might be my favorite pattern from the book. The writers suggested doing it in an ivory with taupe velvet trim, and that has stuck in my brain and I hope to make it up that way sometime.

  6. I love the blouse. I have the burda style book too. I agree with you on seam allowances and notches. What ticks me off is that they didn't print the patterns on tissue so I don't have to trace them out to use them.

    I found this post from Off-the-Cuff about adding in seam allowance. It looks really interesting....

  7. Cute blouse Justine! I can see this made up in a variety of fabrics, and being casual to dinner out style. I don't have the Burda book but I do have the Colette book and it reminds me every day that I need to sew from it.

  8. Thank you for your great post! Your blouse turned out great. I think the Cheap Blouses For Women
    might be my favorite choice!


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