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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Patchy Bias Dress And Growing Sprouts With My Kids

I made a new pattern and dress design this week. I call it the Patchy Dress because it's made from some vintage fabrics and some pink crochet trim, giving it a sort of patchwork feel.

This dress design was made from the same pattern I made when I designed my Grapes of Wrath Dress below. The Patchy dress is a new design and pattern .
For those of you familiar with bias dresses or who may have worked with the  Colette Oolong pattern, you know that bias dresses can tug down in an uncomfortable way sometimes. Although I loved the way my bias Grapes of Wrath dress looked, it tugs a little when worn. I wanted to create a more practical, wearable pattern. Something a bit more casual.

I raised the waistline of the Grapes of Wrath dress, creating an empire waistline.

Then instead of laying the pattern down as one piece like before, I created a center seam on the skirt. If you lay your fabric down on opposing directions, you won't get any weird tugging!
It has a casing at the empire, eliminating the need for a zipper! I hate sewing zippers.
So please stop by and vote at burdastyle. 

Vote here for my Grapes of Wrath dress please! You can vote more than once I think...
Vote here for my patchy dress please! I really want that new Singer sewing machine!

Friday's homestead news:
Growing sprouts with kids
This week we tried making sprouts. We put the seeds in a jar and soaked them overnight. Then we rinsed them every day and after four days we had lots of sprouts!

Sprouting seeds is a great way to teach children about growing things. Alfalfa seeds sprout in just a few days, not testing the short attention span of small children. Unlike planting flowers outdoors, which takes weeks and can seem like ages to kids.

This is how many sprouts we got from the seeds after only four days.
Cool isn't it?
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  1. very cute dress. I like the floral patches! You are always so good at making dresses! Brilliant job! I like the sprouts too...nothing beats something you plant yourself


  2. This is super sweet! I just love that dress, You lined up those stripes just perfect!! I love the trim too, and your little bare feet make the photo fun, watch out for the chicken droppings! We have chickens too, so I know about these things. Great job!

  3. I voted for your Grapes of wrath dress! Great job!
    So for the seed starting, is that a good way to start most seeds? to just soak them overnight and rinse daily? I have some seeds I've saved from veggies that I would like to try to start but don't know the best way to go about it.

  4. @ lady whimsy.
    I'm not sure about other seeds yet but I think the process is the same, soak then rinse daily and keep in a dark place.
    @ vintage girl,
    mishaps with chicken poop are too common!

  5. I like all three dresses and voted for each one! That patchy version of the grapes of wrath dress is too adorable. Love your chickens!

    BTW, I am "b". You responded the other day to a comment I left and I realized that "b" is a little toooooo impersonal...Soooo...

    Hi, my name is Brandi, from East L.A. now in Oklahoma! LMAO

  6. Oh, and isn't fun to watch something you planted from a teensy seed every day, then like magic you blink and there is a baby sprout! I just started some zinnias and sunflowers (miracle grow kids kits, I have, as my husband puts it, the thumb of doom as opposed to a green thumb..hehehe)and practically overnight they sprouted. I am easily entertained.

  7. Great dress! Love the strips and floral with the bit of crochet trim.

  8. That really is a LOT of sprouts in just four days. That's great!!!

    Oh, that dress is CUTE!!! I'm going to have to learn to sew clothes, because I want one for myself :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. That is ONE cute dress!!! I voted for you, of course :)

    Oh I remember growing my own sprouts in the 70's - they sure are good aren't they? :)

  10. I like your cute dresses. They look fun to wear. You have a nice chicken coop too. I bet the sprouts tasted good. The last time I made some they rotted. I think the seeds were to old. Keep sewing !

  11. So happy to have found your blog ! Beautiful sewing and fun sprouting ! Have done some also but found them not to be as growing as yours ! got seeds from health food store too !! Haven't made anything as yet I can wear , but working on it. Love quilting though ! Thank you , happy for your win.


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