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Monday, October 24, 2011

Upholstery Webbing Christmas Craft Ideas

I love vintage grain sacks and burlap decorating. It's getting to be that Christmas crafting time again soon!

Upholstery webbing has the same sort of vibe and it is really cheap, about 50 cents a yard. I think it is a great material to craft some Christmas projects with. Here are fun  craft and decorating ideas I pinned recently:



  1. I saw your article in one of the website and I stumbled here. Your first photographs will be best for my Christmas arrangement. I visited your all blog post and wonder to watch your arrangement of various colours in one photograph.

  2. Love these ideas, and Upholstery webbing is so cheap too, who knew it could yield so much seasonal cuteness :)

  3. I love these DIY crafts. I think I can accomplish something similar with discarded upholstery and some old fabric.


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