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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sister Dresses and Sew Chic Saturday

So I know many of you out there in blogland are sewing for autumn but here in California it has been in the 90's all week and I can't possibly be thinking corduroys and tweeds yet. I made these matching dresses dresses recently. I used an old but seemingly unused bed sheet I bought at the thrift shop for the fabric . I took basic a line dress patterns, added under bust bands to them, pockets with ruffles on the larger dress, and I added a ruffled hem to the smaller dress. I think they look so cute together but Izzy my older girl, won't be caught dead wearing a matching dress with her sister so I just may have to borrow it! Gigi is next in line as there is still plenty left but the cold weather is coming and I have some other projects lined up for her.

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  1. Wow, I love the dresses! So pretty! You should seriously consider opening an etsy shop! You're so good!


  2. Thanks Mongs. Since I switched from blogspot to a .com I haven't gotten any comments and I was beginning to wonder if the new comments section didn't work.

  3. What pretty dresses!!! Love the way you've added the green trims.

  4. Revive old clothes and make them new. It can be your old clothes or other fabric that is just stocked on your closet. Redesign the garment into a piece you can use on a daily basis.


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