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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Housecleaning Outfit

Readers I have a confession to make. 
I hate housecleaning! 
But what I do enjoy is dressing for an occasion. When I took up playing tennis I searched down vintage tennis looks and when I had my rodeo horse a few years back it was all about creating a Dale Evans cowgirl look. Never mind I couldn't get my horse to stop trying to buck me off when I would try to take him on the trail or the fact that I got "tennis elbow" while I was in my tennis phase. I was dressed for the occasion and that made it so much more fun! 
This morning I was begrudgingly cleaning my house in my pajamas and old robe and some hideous paint stained Crocs which I had worn to drop by daughter off at school. Yes readers, I am one of those psycho moms who pulls up at the school five minutes late, wearing her pajamas and God forbid, Crocs!! So please try to be more patient with that mom next time you see her!) Anyway,  I  was silently cursing my four kids for leaving such a mess for me to deal with when I got some cleaner on my cashmere, thrift shop bought robe. Today my husband was working from home and I thought about him sitting on the couch watching me grumpily going about my business. 
"I need to change my frame of mind, I thought to myself.." I know, I'll go put on a housedress, a little makeup and throw my dirty hair up in a kerchief." Instantly, I was renewed and started to take my cleaning job with a lighter heart!
Never underestimate the uplifting power of a housedress.



  1. You look nice. Are you a Stepford wife? :o) and oh my, I looove your kitchen! :o)

  2. I am still in my pj's and your post has convinced me to get into the shower and dress myself in something a bit more attractive that flannel and worn out yoga pants. Thanks! You look great, and I pinned your picture to one of my Pinterest boards. You can see it at the link below:

  3. Who would want to do house work when there is sewing to be done. If you are going to, why not look fabulous. And you do. It is a dilemma I often have.... what to wear when house cleaning? I am surprise that you do the school drop off in trakkies ;) But I will forgive you for it, because every time I see you you look amazing!

  4. Isn't it aMAZing how this works?? Love it!

  5. I think you look inspiring. I have to make great effort to get out of yoga pants when I am off. Having to wear scrubs all the time (not having a professional wardrobe) makes one very lazy. Living in the jeans are the norm west doesn't help either.

  6. I've thought about doing this myself, but you have inspired me. But first I need to sew a pretty apron to wear, so the cleaning will have to wait a while longer ...

  7. So, I'm late to the party on this one; but I just discovered you (and what fun your blog is!) I'm impressed with your outfit and outlook. Years ago I bought myself a tiara online, just to clean house in. It really does help!


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