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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Handmade Gift: Folding Market Tote

 If you are a sewing blogger or visit them you have probably become accustomed to seeing the beautiful and amazing creations in the blogoshere and may have even become what I call a little sewing " jaded". Some of the projects out there are so amazing we forget that the majority of people in the real world don't really sew and who doesn't appreciate getting something handmade?
 I was invited to a friends' birthday party over the weekend and needed something cute and quick as I had about two hours before I had to leave. Yes that's me the queen of procrastination! So I whipped out a book I haven't looked at for awhile," One Yard Wonders". It's One of those cute, crafty books geared toward beginning sewers you can find at bookstores. But I have to say that the projects in the book rock as far as making gifts go! They are all quick projects that take a yard or less of fabric and readers, I like anything that can pare down that mountain of fabric bins I have in my back room!
I decided to make theding market tote. At first, I thought it was bit dull for a gift and wanted to make my friend something more snazzy but it really is one of those practical things everyone can use and let's face it , she might not wear the giant fabric hair clip I was going to make for her. But to hear the Oohs and Aahs when she opened it! There I was all set to apologize for my lack of imagination for her gift but she really seemed to like it!
Anyway, One Yard wonders is full of useful little projects that would be great for gifts with the Christmas season coming. I highly recommend this book. It come with dozens of sewing patterns too. Seriously folks, there are over a hundred projects in this book!


  1. Very cute bag -- such a simple and practical gift, and so pretty too! I love seeing Gigi peeking out at the camera!

  2. I have this book, and I've made a couple items from it. Glad to know the Folding Market Tote is a quick, easy, and well-liked gift! This is one I haven't made... yet!

  3. you're so good, I'm sure if I can finish that in two hours ha.. Nice cute tote.


  4. Such a wonderful idea for Christmas gifts . It looks very nice.

  5. Of course it helps that you used awesome fabric! I love that turquoise flower print. Always nice to get a handmade gift!


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