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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Dress update.

Well , I finished the bodice part of the dress. I underlined it in silk organza and lined it with China silk. The fabric on top is silk charmeuse. Marias' lace came in the mail the other day and I went to pick it up and mark the hem for the skirt which I finally got to fit her correctly. Her mother was there and when Maria tried on the dress she noted that the armholes were cutting in a tiny bit . The sharpness of the sweetheart neckline was lost and it looks more like a curved v- neck now. I think I need to take it apart and make sure I clipped the corners. I'm getting a little technical here, ahem. I wish I had taken a photo.. I'm not sure now if I should take it apart since I already understitched the lining or just go ahead and cut a new bodice. The whole thing is going to be covered with lace so I guess if there are stitchmarks at least they won't show... The lace is beautiful though and she got a great deal, only thirty dollars a yard and it's 58 inches wide. Wow!

Hand stitching the underlining to the charmeuse. If you machine stitch it the fabric layers will shift and probably snag too.

My Bernina Nova 900 I got at the thrift shop for 25$ I just had my Viking Freesia repaired but it started snagging the silk so I tried the Bernina and it works like a dream. I didn't even have it serviced yet. I guess they really are the best.

The bodice basted together and attached to the bias skirt lining. I wish she had mentioned the neckline at this fitting. Oh well.. BTW you should ALWAYS baste or mark with chalk the stitch line of a bias skirt before you take it off the table because it WILL get stretched out and you will lose your  stitch line if you don't mark it.

Here is the basted together dress on Maria. She looks good in everything and I'm lucky to be working with someone not only really nice but also with the same measurements as my Wolf form. My old measurements!

The back which I raised two inches from the previous fitting.


  1. can't believe you got that Bernina at a thrift....

  2. I have the best thrift shop ever near me. You should see all the beautiful fabrics I find there. I should do a post.

  3. Hello! Thank You for visiting our blog and becoming a follower. We are looking forward to seeing the end result of this dress! We added you as well, and we are going to have a look around!

    Have a lovely day,
    Laura and Michele

  4. I love waiting for you to see a new post about this wedding dress. (My Mom used to sew all my prob dresses and loved watching her do it). I just started getting back into sewing (my Grandma gave me her sewing machine). After refusing to pay for a $25 simple pant hem I knew it was time to have that sewing machine shipped out to my new home in DC from my Mom's place. Anyhow, really love your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration, details, techniques and overall creativity.


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