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Friday, February 25, 2011

Marias Dress: Coming Along

It's been raining buckets today so I've been stuck inside the house all day . Today I attached the lace to the finished bodice of the wedding dress.

 First I made a muslin pattern to use to trace the lace bodice . It had to be sewn together first and then pinned to the lace.

I traced around the pattern with contrasting colored thread basting. You don't want to cut out lace like you would regular fabric since an applique seaming method is used. I then pinned the lace to the bodice and trimmed it and basted it to the bodice. You want to leave at least an inch and a half allowance outside the threaded tracing to give yourself some working room.

A pinned on sleeve. I think I will make it a little shorter. On closer inspection I saw that this sleeve had a little hole in the lace. I'll have to cut a new one. Now I need to find some trim to add to the neckline..


  1. What a beautiful gown in the making! I'm sure she's gonna be one happy and beautiful bride!

  2. Oooh, it's looking so good! I like the layout of the lace. It's so much fun to see it take form!

  3. beautiful, i like work on sleeves, it make this wedding gown more beautiful.


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