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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sheet Music Crochet Burlap Trees

I actually made these trees last year and never blogged about them.
I covered some foam trees from the hobby store with glue and glued on burlap and crochet trim for the big one.
The middle sized one is covered with burlap too and I printed out the type filled keys font on card stock and glued them on.
The smaller tree is covered with glue and sheet music paper.
To top them off I bought some little stars at the craft store that have little stems.

Lily got a new outfit from her aunt in the mail for her 10th birthday last week.
So pretty! It's from The Gap.


  1. The trees are so adorable. Love them.. You are so creative.
    Love the new outfit.. toooo cute..Merry Christmas..

  2. Merry Christmas and hope you and family have a great one..Enjoy your time off of blogging, and will be anxiously awaiting your new ideas, when you return..

  3. Those trees are really cute! I'm pinning this to use it next year when our home renovation is done and I can actually decorate. :) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. That outfit is awesome!! (I love the Gap...can she be my aunt to?)
    Merry Christmas Lady!


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