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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grain Sack Style Christmas Banner

It's time to start decorating the old place for Christmas.
I made a little banner made of burlap and hand painted it to look like an old European grain sack.
I love those old grain sacks and I always will regardless of whether they are in and out of fashion.
People cared so much in the old days to take so much care just to make a bag used for carrying their grain to and from the mill or market. Many are hand embroidered with the owners initials as well.
As I've said before, I can't bear to cut mine up!
in other news, I installed a new blog design yesterday! Although I loved the old design, it was a little cluttered and to tell the truth, I just get tired of looking at the same design all of the time and like to change things around here. I got some help from my blog designer Jacquelinne over at Smitten Designs. I really like her. I used to do everything on my own but I really am trying not to do it all and give myself a break sometimes. Plus. Jacquelinne is just plain talented.
First I used sticker paper in my Silhouette machine to make the letters. You could also do this with a craft knife and your printer if you don't have an electronic cutter.
I used painters tape to make the little stripes.
I folded over the top of the triangles and sewed them down to make a little casing for the string to go.
You could also glue them down if you want. 
So simple!


  1. THis is so cute... Love the old grain sacks too..

  2. Okay, I'm going to sound like my girls by saying this...but..."you have a silhouette? Aw man, you are so lucky!" LOL That is going to have to wait till another time for me since I have already filled up my wish list for this Christmas. Love the banner. I really want to add painting to my creative side. :)

  3. Love your porch chandelier, too.

    Woah, new blog layout again already? Did I miss that post? Love it, it looks clean and simple.

  4. I'm adoring this!! I would love for you to come link this up to my party going on!


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