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Monday, November 14, 2011

Rose Bowl Flea Market:November 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here in Southern California so we went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena! Here are a few highlights :
People watching, a fun pastime at the market. Notice these cool Japanese tourists above. So kawaii!
This handsome couple was dressed to the nines in vintage.
And a special nod to the impending winter...vintage ice skates and a sled! Not that we get any snow around here.... but we bought the sled anyway for a trip we will take to the mountains this winter.

There were lots of  vintage Christmas decorations like these Santas and ornaments...
Is this not the most devious looking Santa you have ever seen? I would be afraid I would find him running around at night with a knife in hand, like in one of those seventies horror films.

There are so many great ideas here for holiday gifts! 
I just love some of the artistic displays and furniture like this old dress form wrapped with burlap and the burlap covered chair. I get so inspired by things like this.
I found a box of patterns for two dollars each and these are the ones I brought home.. I got two free.

I wonder if I will ever get around to making any of these?
 I found this brown cotton vintage dress and it was a bargain at eight dollars. I don't think it was ever worn much and I was thrilled that it fit me perfectly when I got home and tried it on!
Thanks for taking this little tour with me. Stop back in two weeks to see photos from the upcoming Ventura flea market!



  1. what a lovely day at the flea market, I love the pictures. Your vintage dress is a great buy!


  2. I have never been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and i only live maybe 30 min. away. It looks fabulous! One day, one day. - Bethany

  3. Love your blog! Chiming in from BlissfulSewing.

  4. I hope you make the toddler sailor-type dress; it's adorable! Thanks for sharing your flea market adventure.

  5. Great finds on he patterns and dress. Love the photos, thanks for sharing! Always interested in what lies out there in the vintage world.

  6. Looks like a fab day, oh how I wish there were places like that where I live. Alas there is not.


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