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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday's Frock: An Autumn Gnome Dress for Gigi

Today is a big day for Gigi as I am officially weaning her from nursing. 
Weaning my babies is always bittersweet because it is saying goodbye to a big part of babyhood and it's so hard to say no to your toddler when she is crying big crocodile tears and tugging at your shirt. But recently I have found myself so tired all the time that I realize I need to take better care of myself and that means getting all my reserves back.
 So now that I am writing this it will help me stick to my resolve tonight when Gigi is screaming her head off because she can't nurse anymore.
So on to her dress..
I used a tunic pattern from my Burdastyle magazine from July 2011, pattern 144.  I previously have blogged about what a nightmare tracing patterns from Burdatyle is but their patterns are so fashion forward it's worth it to me. Just don't forget to add the seam allowances like I did! Here is a tutorial I previously wrote about using Burdastyle magazine patterns.
The fabric used was an orange corduroy bought at a church rummage sale for approximately fifty cents and the trim was bought on one of my flea market trips. The little kerchief was  sewn together freehand with some of the leftover fabric. She tears anything off of her head after about two minutes so I'm hoping she won't lose the kerchief by the end of the day.
The overall effect of this outfit reminds me of one of those little garden gnomes or a little Scandinavian milkmaid!

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  1. Oh my goodness how cute is that dress! Love Love Love the color!

  2. I love the color, the whole outfit is fantastic. She could be a character in Gnomeo & Juliet (that I just watched and is absolutely adorable by the way)!

    And good luck with the weaning, my youngest will be 2 in a few weeks and we are trying to convince him that 'milk in a cup' is good because he can drink it while he's playing trains on the floor, and can't do that with 'mama milk'!

  3. Very sweet! Best wishes on the weaning. It's obvious you are a caring mama and will be comforting Gigi in many ways when she needs it. Kudos to you for attachment parenting for so long and sending nurtured souls out into the world!

  4. The dress is lovely - I'm loving the matching headgear. I've also made something from the July 11 Burdastyle magazine - I plumped for the girl's blouse. I agree, tricky to decipher the pattern pieces but I always seem to get great results with their patterns. You've definately beaten me on the trim mind you! x

  5. Super cute dress; the corduroy must be very fine wale to drape so nicely on your Gigi.

    I chose to wean my daughter just before her 2nd birthday because I had to go to Africa for two weeks. I didn't really want to, so I still gave her a little nip before bed each night ;). And after I returned, she went right back to nursing again, even though the rewards were pretty meager! She is finally done at 2 1/2, and I miss it (and having the cleavage), but having my body to myself is good too.

  6. Those are adorable pictures, and the dress and headscarf are wonderful! I love seeing her little hand all blue on the palm...what had she been playing with? Good luck in helping her graduate to a cup...

  7. That dress is adorable! Especially with the little kerchief.

  8. ps I am your newest follower and facebook liker!

  9. A very cute dress for a cute little girl.

  10. You go mama! Its been 2 days since Ive nursed my little man so I totally feel ya. Im excited about "owning" my body again (though I admit Im already planning for #2 just a little). It was a great experience and Im so thankful I was able to nurse him as long as I did. Yay for BFing! Also that dress is very cute. :D

  11. I love that dress. I haven't made it yet but I bought that mag mostly for that dress.

  12. OH My Goodness that is such a cute dress. Great job!


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