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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Holiday Gift Idea For Teachers: Ribbon Pencil Jar and fabric flower pens

Do you know what one of the problems about everyone knowing I am a sewist and crafter? I feel like I  am letting everyone down if I buy them a gift instead of make one. It is unrealistic but I want to make everybody something at Christmas. Not that my kids want anything handmade."Just buy us the stuff we like mom, we don't want anything crafty." Kids can be so rude!
Here is an easy gift you can make with your kids for their's the type of thing a teacher will keep on her desk.

Random bits of fabric
An old jar
Some pens
Double sided applique paper
Florist wire
Florist tape

I sewed the ribbons together overlapping a little with a zig zag colorful stitch. Then I sewed up the side seam and added a little elastic to the very top and it slid on the jar.
For the flowers use double sided iron on applique paper. Iron two contrasting pieces of fabric to each side of the paper. Cut out flower shapes and attach the flowers to the pen with florists wire and florist tape. 
Sew a button to the middle of each flower.


  1. I am a teacher, and I would LOVE to have a student give me a gift like that. It would be proudly kept out on my desk!!!

  2. Nice to find your blog! We always need teacher presents and Xmas is coming up...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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