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Friday, July 15, 2011

Thrift Store Redo: Adding Straps To a Dress

We were going to a Fourth of July party and I wanted to wear a red daytime dress. I found a cute J Crew dress at the thrift shop for three dollars but it was strapless and a bit too long. It fit perfectly, except I'm not comfortable in strapless dresses. 
Not every thrift shop find has to be an all out reconstruction.
I don't like the way a-line dresses look when they are below the knee on me so I cut off the bottom tier of ruffle off and turned it into straps. I added some pretty crochet trims from my stash and left the frayed edge on the strap to match the ruffles. and now it is a comfy summer dress!



  1. Your straps look like they were always meant to be there - now that's an excellent fix!

  2. I've done this too - I bought a maxi dress that was strapless and a bit too long. Strapless + toddler = wardrobe malfunction, so I just cut off the last layer of ruffles, re-hemmed and turned the excess into straps!

  3. @shannon&lulu,thanks!
    @sewing scientist. I didn't even consider that one, but true!

  4. very clever and turn out so pretty! You're amazing!


  5. The dress is cute. the straps look great with the dress.
    Great job!

  6. Well done. I love the layers. Beautiful girls.


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