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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nail Polish Diaries

I was looking up ideas and inspiration for dress ideas when I came across the photo above. A realization hit me like a hammer. I looked from the screen down to my own careworn hands with peeling, ragged, and paint stained nails. I thought to myself, how could I be neglecting such an important part of my grooming? I exercise, watch what I eat, and even color my little bits of grey. But my nails I have left completely out of the picture.
I'm not about to go and get some fake nails glued on at the nail shop, mind you. I sew, paint, care for little ones, and clean my own house. I have friends with beautiful long nails, and to be honest I'm not sure how they function. 
Every time I have been pregnant I have gained a huge amount of weight, about 60 pounds on average. At some point in each pregnancy I decided I needed to have long beautiful nails to make up for getting so big and not recognizing myself anymore. It was a little indulgence that made me feel better about things. But every time I had them I could not stop picking at them and would have to get them removed after a few weeks because they annoyed me so much!
I was  inspired to action by the photo above. The model's nails aren't long but they are well groomed and painted in a lovely shade of classic red. This is something I think I can do and can do at home! Getting to the nail shop on a regular basis for me is not a priority. Plus the smell there really bothers me.
How about you crafty gals out there ?
Are you ignoring your poor digits too?



  1. I bite my nails so short there isn't enough left to make it worth painting! However, I am making a very very conscious effort not to do it in front of my kids because they are starting to imitate me and I do not want them to start the habit!

    My toes on the other hand, I try to keep nice and polished year round. Back in the pre-kids, living in South FL, working at a show store days, I would go get a pedicure every 10 days. Now I'm doing good to paint them once a month.

  2. I buff my nails. It keeps them shiny and smooth and makes them look as though they have a clear polish. Nothing is worse than touching a beautiful charmeuse and snagging it! You can pick up a buffer in the nail section of just about any drug store.

    Toes I started buffing this summer after an awful yellowing I got from not putting on a base coat. Won't do that again!

    Just think how much prettier your sewing will be when you look down at your hands!

  3. @Jennifer thanks for the buffing tip. I'll have to pick one up. And I hav snagged silk on my nails before unfortunately.

  4. verrrry interesting thoughts.... i once had a doctor tell me my nails broke all the time cause i wasn't healthy as i should be. now i'm strong like bull, and i'll tell ya, my nails GROW. and they are tough!! i've been jonesing some chemical-free nailpolish, but, it doesn't work...

    i've snagged polyester. not quite as heartbreaking as silk...

  5. Most of my friends have their nails done every week. I don't like the feel of the polish on my nails. I do like them to be well groomed. I know I should wear gloves when I do housework but I never do. For now I'll just keep them simple but as nice as I can.

  6. I don't paint mine. I taught art, pre-baby, and I could never keep any kind of varnish on. I also, apparently, have obnoxiously healthy nails. I had my french tips done the day of my wedding so they wouldn't peel off.

    My toes, however, are always painted, even when I was 9 months pregnant.

  7. Mmmh, I am really anxious so I bite my nails but I'm trying to stop and you know what? I realized that if I paint my nails in bright colours (also red! so classic), I don't even touch them!


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