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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Butterick Walkabout Dress Pattern Winner

There were 52 entries for my Butterick Walkabout Dress pattern giveaway. We wrote all the numbers on little slips of paper, Lily put them in a canister, shook it and chose the winning number.
The number was 10 so fellow sewing blogger Little Betty won!
She makes herself and her toddler some really cute creations and you should drop by her blog for a visit!
 I will be shipping this pattern off to lovely Australia where it happens to be winter.

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  1. Just saw your giveaway regarding the Walkaway dress. If you don't already know, Edelweisspatterns is hosting a sew-a-long for this pattern. She provides excellent tips for fixing the pattern (as many ladies have complained on sewing blogs, also on Pattern Review, of the modern day pattern bodice being too big compared to the original 1952 pattern). She shows how to make adjustments so the dress looks as it was initially intended (V where the bodice meets in the waist, instead of the present day U shape).

    Love your blog, garments made, and passion for sewing. It sounds as though the Ventura swap meet is the place to check out for great finds. It's been many, many years since I've gone to the SB swap meet at the drive in theatre. It sounds as though the Ventura swap meet is the place to check out for great finds. I've been going to the Assistance League in SB, and once to the Bargain Box in Ventura (their Assistance League). I always come back with great finds, including fabric, and clothing from the Corner Shop section where I buy when they have their $5 sale rack. I've been lucky to find garments with tags still on that were initially over $100! Besides sewing new garments and learning the old sewing techniques, I also love refashioning tailored garments/suits I buy that are 2 to 3 sizes bigger.

    One last thing, that 50s little girl dress is so adorable and nicely made. Your daughter looks great in the dress, and she is wearing it proudly.


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