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Monday, July 18, 2011

My Blue Mason Jars

I found some old blue Mason jars at a yard sale. I just made several batches of jam but didn't want to use these jars because they are so pretty! The orange jam color didn't look very nice with the blue jars so now they are lovely vases. 
I put some of the jars outside on the picnic table which I covered with an oilcloth tablecloth I made.
The others are on my windowsill flanking my Anthropologie number 2.
P.S. Stop by tomorrow for the results of my pattern giveaway if you entered. Lily will be picking the winning number out of a Mason jar!


  1. I love those. Wish that I could find some in my area. I am hitting up a couple of thrift stores and the Habitat store tomorrow! :)

  2. I have a few of the blue ones. They are just lovely! Enjoyed seeing how you used yours.

  3. I located some solar lamps that are in a lid for these jars and when lite up they are realy unique and romantic, I found them on ebay seller was VP-inc and are listed as Mason Jar LED lights. Hoope this gives some more option, it's what I did with 6 of my antique mason jars.


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