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Friday, May 13, 2011

Rose Bowl Flea Market : May 2011

My mom, Lily and I went to the flea market on Mother's day. My teenagers and baby stayed home sleeping, getting up at the crack of dawn not being on their agenda. We had the morning all to ourselves. I had one great find at the flea market I'll show you later but it was a treasure trove for Lily who had found her Christmas money on the bottom of my flea market trolley!
She bought the red leather cowboy boots above. There is my mom on the left.

OMG, a Breyer horse bonanza!

Vintage Barbies. Groovy baby! She looks like a fading burlesque queen and he is the ultimate seventies swinger. What a pair.

Have you ever seen such cool Barbie furniture? I regret not buying this for her. She didn't want to spend the thirty dollars.

Love this Barbie lunchbox / doll clothes carrier.

A box of patterns at twenty five cents each. My hands were shaking as I went through the box, I was so excited!

A vintage juicer. Another one I regret not going home with since I really need one and I have two big orange trees full of oranges. Ughhh!

I can imagine painting these a nice French bluish grey color and covering them in burlap or feedsacks.

Here is what we brought home :

Some of the sewing patterns I found in that plastic bin.

Lily found this 1962 Singer Sew Handy kids sewing machine. It works great and somehow it sews without using bobbin thread. It came in its original box.

 Inside the box were ORIGINAL Barbie doll patterns from 1962 as well ! There were also some sewing for kids manuals and a Campfire Girl Indian costume sewing pattern. Lily was so excited to find these things inside the box!



  1. OOOh I wish there was a marked like that where we live

  2. Such great finds!! That Barbie doll furniture is so awesome, much better than the plastic stuff they make nowadays. :]

  3. Tres' jealous. I love the feeling you get before treasure presents itself. Good score.

  4. I could do with these armchairs for my house in PA! Some of those dress patterns are divine, as for the Barbie pattern what a treat for your daughter. Sewing for your dolls is such an amazing pleasure as child.

  5. Thanks for your comments. We were at the thrift shop yesterday and Lily found a 1960 Allan doll. He was Kens friend. I can't believe her luck!

  6. Ooo - what a bonanza! I'll have to come up and check it out w/Rita. I want the Barbie lunchbox!!!

  7. I had a sewing machine just like that in 1962. When I left home my mother gave it away. I always shed a tear when I think of it. She also threw away a toy hoover upright vacuum cleaner that picked up dirt

  8. I was at the Flea Market during that same time because it's what I wanted to do for Mother's Day.

    I bought a couple of vintage sewing patterns. And I think you might have bought it from the same place I found it because I recognize some of the patterns you bought.

    That place is amazing!


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