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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Melissa From Melly Sews : Paying Me a Visit

Hi Sew Country Chick readers! I'm Melissa, and I blog at Melly Sews and design Blank Slate Patterns. Sewing Summit was the second time I got to meet Justine, (the first time was at LA Fabric Weekend) and so today I'd like to tell you some things about her.

Top 5 things you should know about Justine

5. She is super friendly. I ran into her at the train station and we took the train together from the airport to our hotel. When we got off, I immediately consulted my phone to figure out where we were/where we needed to go. Not Justine. She walked up to the first person she saw and asked. And when that girl didn't know, she proceeded to the next person. I think we figured out directions at the same time, but through totally different methods. sewing-summit-melissa 4. She is way more impulsive than me. I think she decided to come to Sewing Summit like 4 days before it actually started. Also see this actual text exchange between us (I'm in blue) for an example. photo-1
See what I mean? I joked a couple of times that she reminds me of Dory from Finding Nemo. Not a planner like me. More of a party girl, grown up. And lots of fun. 3) She was studious in classes (while making new friends). sewing-summit-melissa-3 2. She was our own personal paparazzi - never forgot her camera (I was guilty of that) and often the best picture I could get of her was this one. sewing-summit-melissa-4 So I'm sure her post has way more photos than mine! 1. Justine really tries to do her best at whatever she's doing. See the studied concentration during the handprinting fabric class? Justine has great stories about growing up in LA and she is definitely a citizen of La-la land (as we lovingly refer to LA in Austin) but she also has a passionate streak, as I'm sure her loyal blog readers have noticed. She was constantly asking questions, networking (through her natural friendliness) and trying to improve. And I am so glad we got to hang out last weekend, privileged to call her a friend and thrilled to steal her blog and tell you about her. sewing-summit-melissa-5 I hope we get to meet up again in person sometime soon, and if you're curious about what Marissa of Rae Gun Ramblings wrote about me, come on over to my blog.
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  1. So adorable :) I could immediately tell that Justine was a super sweet lady and that text message made me laugh at how you can see the different personalities

  2. Loved hanging out with you Justine. And that text makes me smile. Should have gotten down to dinner sooner and joined you for a cocktail!

  3. I just know , hanging out with Justine would be so fun.. On her blog, she appears to be so friendly,nice, and an all around nice girl.. Know you all had fun at the summit.

  4. It really is funny how very different you two are from each other! Justine, you are amazing. I loved hanging out with you. I

  5. Oh I love this! Justine you were seriously so fun to hang out with. I think I could listen to your crazy stories all day!


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